PROFESSIONAL BODY BUILDING FOR ATHLETES—Promotes Drug-Free Amateur and Professional Bodybuilding

The Natural Physique Association

Described as an independent organization which promotes sanctioned drug-free amateur and professional bodybuilding is the Natural Physique Association or NPA. This organization was founded and organized in the year 2000. This organization also challenges everyone to participate in one of the events including bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or bikini for women. You can find this association in Petersburg, Virginia and is owned by the Si-Flex Physique Club. The said drug-free amateur and professional bodybuilding promotes events within the Continental United States of America. It is a new millennium organization.

Both men and women who are interested in joining the organization are all welcome! The Natural Physique Association is actually a gym and a physical fitness center and is also considered to be a great place for the natural competitor who wants to find good roots in remaining natural. The president and CEO of the Natural Physique Association and the Si-Flex Physique Club Inc., Harry E. Silas, established a constitution or rule book for the organization.  The organization invites everyone to participate in the events!

Those who are qualified can participate in the competitions for bodybuilding, physique and figure, and bikini championships. Every new year, the organization is always looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces. Anyone who is qualified can participate in the Tri-Cities Regional Bodybuilding Men’s Open LW Class, Tri-Cities Regional Bodybuilding Men’s Open MW Class, Tri-Cities Regional Bodybuilding Men’s Open LHW Class, Tri-Cities Regional Men’s Masters Physique, Tri-Cities Regional Men’s Masters Physique Tall Class, and also the Tri-Cities Regional Women’s Bodybuilding Open for MW Class, Short Class, Bikini Class, and Bikini Tall Class.

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