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Results: The 2006 NPA Mr. / Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding

Fitness/Figure Championships

Masters/Couples /Open

15 April 2006

Anderson-Turner Auditorium (Virginia Hall)

Petersburg, 23806

Sponsored by: Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Overall Teenage (13-19): Joshua Price, Chesterfield, VA


Novice Lightweight:  Joshua Price, Chesterfield, VA

Novice Heavyweight:  Patrick Davis, Midlothian, VA

Overall Novice Champion: Joshua Price


Masters (50 +):  JW Hicks, Richmond, VA

Masters (40 – 49): Alan Harshaw, Reston, VA

Masters (35-39): Carl Matthews Jr., Las Vegas, NV

Overall Masters Champion: Carl Matthews Jr.


   Figure: (Under 5’5”):  Vanessa Smoley, Shamokin Dam, PA

Figure: 5’5” (+):  Listy Allen, Yorktown, VA

Overall Figure Champion: Vanessa Smoley


Female Masters (40+): Dawn Muth, Midlothian, VA

Female Masters (35-39): Lisa Grasso, Sewell, NJ

Overall Female Masters Champion: Dawn Muth


Female Middleweight Champion: Lisa Grasso, Sewell, NJ

Female Heavyweight Champion:  Dawn Muth, Midlothian, VA

Overall Female Champion: Dawn Muth

Best Female Poser: Lisa Grasso


Couples Overall Champions: Toni Johnson & J.W. Hicks


Male Lightweight Champion: JW Hicks, Richmond, VA

Male Middleweight Champion: Alan Harshaw, Reston, VA

Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Patrick Davis, Midlothian, VA

Male Heavyweight Champion: Carl Matthews Jr. Las Vegas, NV

Overall Male Champion: Carl Matthews Jr.

Best Male Poser: Michael Bartholomew, Colonial Heights, VA


Congratulations go out to these 2006 Qualified National Champions!

Other Participants were: Eric Brooks, Nikita Silas, Jason Wright, Jason Eng, Jethro Adams, Jahi Perry, Stacy Heuple, Craig Hamilton, Vito Mirro Jr. Harrison Parker, Gary Greenwood, Kikky Greenwood, Hakeem Ali-Ber,
Daniel Hoskinson, Stacia Kelly, Erin Carson, Clare Cui, Emma Mannings, Monica Maines, Cindy Henry, Listy Allen, and Christy Simmons.

The inside scope of the 2006 NPA Virginia State Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

April 15, 2006 the NPA opened its season with the Mr. /Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships. This contest in its 7th season was held at Virginia State University’s Virginia Hall in its (state of the art) Anderson – Turner auditorium.  It was the second best showing since its birth 2000 and quality was truly there. The athletes showed up as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada. Needless to say when athletes travel that far you can rest assure they are serious.

 I couldn’t believe how many walk-ins showed up in spite of the late fee that was applied. It didn't appear to make a difference.


The teenage division opened up the show! These Natural teens were in great shape and looked very good. Joshua Price was a clear cut winner over the field of 4th place winner Jason Wright -17, 3rd place finisher Nikita Silas -19, and 2nd place finalist Eric Brooks - 18. Price came in at 170 and benches over 400lbs in the gym. He might be the second best looking teenage athlete the NPA has had. Justin Carr of Burlington North Carolina still is the best looking teen the NPA has had in its ranks thus far. However Price positively has a future in bodybuilding.


In the men novice which are athletes that never won an overall title in a sanctioned contest in any federation before tonight, teenage Joshua Price won the lightweight class (under 175) defeating 6th place Jason Eng, 5th place Jason Wright, 4th place Jahi Perry who lost over 100 lbs to get to where he is today, 3rd place Jethro Adams, and my son, 2nd place Nikita Silas. In the heavyweight class Patrick Davis who came in from a few years off at a hefty 196lbs. went through his class defeating 4th place, Stacy Heuple, 3rd place Vito Mirro Jr. and 2nd place finalist, Craig Hamilton. When Price and Davis went against each other for the overall Novice title, Price conditioning was superb over the smoother Davis. Once again Price was crowned overall champion.


The men masters started with the 50+ division. Veteran JW Hicks in his quest to even things up with Neal Grossman an athlete who hasn’t appeared on the NPA stage yet was ready for the challenge. He defeated 3rd place finisher Harrison Parker and former NPC master’s state champ 2nd place Gary Greenwood.  These guys did not look 50 and J.W. who trained harder for this show than any in his 2 year experience weighed in at 148, coming down from 175.  In the (40-49) division Alan Harshaw who weighed in at a chiseled 183 lbs is the truth. He took it to 3rd place Hakeem Ali-Ber and 2nd place Patrick Davis.  Finally, the masters (35-39) division came out. 207 lb and last year’s winner coming all the way from Las Vegas Nevada, Carl Matthews Jr. easily rolled over 3rd place finisher Stacy Heuple and 2nd place finalist Craig Hamilton. Matthews went onto beat Hicks and Harshaw for the masters overall Virginia title, repeating his accomplishment of last year.


Sorry to report no fitness competitors showed up. The judges were more than ready for them for the clinic was just held on March 25th.  However, what fitness lacked, figure made up. There were 9 beautiful young ladies from as far away as Pennsylvania. In the under 5’5” our Ms Pennsylvania from a place called Shamokin Dam led the charge over 5th place Erin Carson who was disqualified. Erin chose to find a secluded spot away from the competition and missed her class when they were called out in Round one during prejudging, making it impossible for her to win the competition. Because this was her first competition we allowed her to participate but it was made clear to her she could not win this competition today. It’s a shame because a lot of the officials and the audience at the night show/finals thought she had the package to win the title. In 4th place Clare Cui, a beautiful Asian spice lit up the stage to set the stage for 3rd place Stacia Kelly who electrified the stage, and 2nd place finalist Emma Mannings from England would be the closest to winner Vanessa Smoley who use to be Nonnemann, just recently married.   In the over 5’5’ class 4th place Cindy Henry kept things alive and almost missed round 1 as Carson did. 3rd place was claimed by Monica Maines all the way from Washington DC. In 2nd place the lovely Ms. Christy Simmons did a fine job leaving the title for teenage Listy Allen. When all was said and done Allen and Smoley battled for the Overall figure title. Smoley got the decision by one point. They both held their own and entertained the audience with grace and elegance.


The bodybuilding women would be next. Toni Johnson (35-39) division trained so hard and was supposed to come in as a lightweight. She missed it coming in at 119 and retained a little fluid. This caused her to compete as a middleweight. Newcomer Lisa Grasso all the way from Glassboro/Sewell New Jersey competed in the same age category (35-39) and a true middleweight with a good amount of muscle .  She was a walk-in introduced by 2003 NPA National Champ Steve Hines. Lisa looked GOOD and the lighting was good too. Being darker would have made her look just that much better. In the (40+) and heavyweight class, 2004 NPA National Champion, Dawn Muth showed up.  Dawn came in at a bodyweight of 147. She looked good but I can honestly say wasn’t at her best look. She had enough though to beat Lisa by 3 points; 6-9 in the final overall pose downs masters and open. She had a superb night. Lisa did get the nod for best poser stopping Dawn from making a clean sweep. Lisa has a lot of potential and should go a long ways if she’s willing to travel back to Virginia for one of our National shows.


JW Hicks and Toni Johnson teamed up and defeated Gary & Kikky Greenwood in couples. Gary and Kikky entertained the audience with a real interesting routine, however Hicks and Johnson was a little bit better as a couple according to the judges in the mandatory poses. I’m sure the stage has been set for future encounters. 


The men open lightweight class started with Jason Eng, placing 4th, Jason Wright placed 3rd and Michael Bartholomew and best poser finished 2nd. JW Hicks legs were the difference. No natural athlete in the world will beat him there especially as a lightweight.  In the men middleweight 6th place and out of the trophies was Hakeem Ali-Ber.  In 5th place Jahi Perry earned the right, 4th place was Jethro Adams, 3rd place was Daniel Hoskinson, and 2nd place was taken by Teenage and Novice Champ Joshua Price.  Your winner was Alan Harshaw.  Then came the light heavyweights 3rd place Stacy Heuple and 2nd place winner Harrison Parker. The winner of the class was Patrick Davis. The heavyweight would be represented by Vito Mirro Jr. 3rd place, Craig Hamilton, 2nd place and winner who went onto to win the overall Mr. Virginia title for two consecutive years Carl Matthews Jr. Carl was a clear cut winner and in spite of how good every one else looked Carl looked that much better. He really didn’t have any serious challenge this year. It will be interesting to see if he pursues his Pro card with the NPA. Keep in mind he won the Natural Olympia last year. However he was beaten by North Carolina new millennium owner Allen Crowder by one point last year.


The audience of about 300 spectators enjoyed a show full of good entertainment. The NPA would like to take the time to thank all the athletes, fans, families and friends that made the show possible. The officials lead by Head Judge Danny Wright, Randy Batts, Sherrie Broome’, Troy Crawley, Narva Daniels, Arlessa Gray, Stephan Kitchen, Daniel Moore, test judges Mary Anna George, Kerry Bernard, Expediter Vernell Silas, Marcus White music man, Minnie Nolan judges secretary, Valerie Foster judges statistician, Michael Stewart, Joaquin McCormick, Virginia State University, Mr. Hue, NPA Pro athlete Tim Clanton, Ye Sok Silas, and everybody that made the show a success. I’d also like to say to my son Nikita, that I am very proud of you and want him to know that he is my main man. If we’d been a crooked organization he’d been Mr. Teenage Virginia. However we are ethical and believe in good and only the best would be crowned overalls this day.  Until next year the NPA declares this show to be the best promoted NPA Virginia yet.   


NPA President, Harry E. Silas   

Review all photos under www.  (photoflex)or www.   (photoflex)

Joshua Price - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia Erin Carson - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia

Joshua Price
2006 Mr. Teenage NPA Virginia

Erin Carson
5th Place Ms. Figure NPA Virginia

Vanessa Smoley - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia Listy Allen, Ms 2006 NPA Virginia Figure Champion

Vanessa Smoley
Ms. 2006 NPA Figure Virginia Overall Champion

Listy Allen
Ms. 2006 Tall Class Champion

Listy Allen - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia J.W. Hicks - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia

Christy Simmons
2nd placeTall Class

J.W. Hicks
Masters 50+ Mr. NPA Virginia

Carl Mathews Jr. - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia 2006 NPA Virginia - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia

Carl Matthews Jr.
2006 NPA Mr. Virginia

Toni Johnson & JW Hicks
2006 Masters Virginia

Dawn Muth - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia Lisa Grasso - Visit our physique club to begin building towrds your own bodybuilding championship. Located in Colonial Masters, Virginia

Lisa Grasso
Best Poser, Middleweight Champ

Dawn Muth
Ms. 2006 NPA Virginia