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Results: The 2007 NPA Mr. / Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
14 April 2007
Anderson-Turner Auditorium (Virginia Hall)
Petersburg, VA 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.
RJ Bragg, Spa


Overall Teenage Champion (13-19) Danny Lago, Richmond, VA

Novice Lightweight:  Donald Ladd, Richmond, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Gerald Allen, Durham, NC
Overall Novice Champion: Gerald Allen  

Masters (50+):  Michael Mylius, Richmond, VA
Masters (40-49):  Alan Harshaw, Reston, VA
Masters (35-39):  Alfred Thompson, Burke, VA
Overall Masters Champion: Alfred Thompson

Figure: (Under 5’5”): Clare Cui, Hampton, VA
Figure: 5’5” (+): Lanie Nikes, Falls Church, VA
Overall Figure Champion: Clare Cui

Female Masters (40+):  Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC
Overall Female Masters Champion: Debbie Frazee 

Female Lightweight Champion:  Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC
Overall Female Champion:  Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC
Best Female Poser:  Debbie Frazee

Male Lightweight Champion:  Donnie Ladd, Richmond, VA
Male Middleweight Champion:  Alfred Thompson, Burke, VA
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:  Alan Harshaw, Reston VA
Male Heavyweight Champion:  Gerald Allen, Durham, NC
Overall Male Champion: Alfred Thompson
Best Male Poser: Alan Harshaw

Congratulations go out to these 2007 National qualified champions!

Other Participants were: Jahi Perry, Jeff Swain, Jody Lee, Kelvin Kemper, Zeb Sheff, Joseph Bumbrey, Vincent O’Neal, Aaron Williams, Calvin McIntyre, Ignacio Rillorazo and Ozgur Isik who registered but was a no-show.

The inside scope of the 2007 NPA Virginia State Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

April 14, 2007 the NPA opened its season with the Mr. /Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships. This contest in its 8th season was held at Virginia State University’s Virginia Hall in its (state of the art) Anderson – Turner auditorium for a second consecutive year.  It was a little off from last year’s depth, but overall it was a successful show.  The athletes were in good condition and entertained their fans, friends and families of approximately (300+) commendably.  Only one walk-in and one no show this year, an improvement from last year. The teenage division opened the show! Danny Lago from Richmond, Virginia was the lone teen this year. He looked great and was prepared to meet any challenge. Last year this division presented 5 teens that were very good.  However this year Danny would have to settle for being an uncontested champion.  No discredit to him for he was very prepared.  In the men novice which are athletes that never won an overall title in a sanctioned contest in any federation before tonight, Donnie Ladd won the lightweight class (under 175) defeating 6th place Kelvin Kemper, 5th place Jody Lee, 4th place, teenage champ Danny Lago, 3rd place Jeff Swain, 2nd place Jahi Perry who placed 4th in this competition last year and came in at a lean ripped 169lbs and one time weighed as much as 300lbs. In the heavyweight class North Carolina Gerald Allen went through his class defeating 5th place Joseph Bumbrey, 4th place, Vincent O’Neal, 3rd place Zeb Sheff and 2nd place finalist, Aaron Williams. When Ladd and Allen went against each other for the overall Novice title, Allen got the nod by one single point over Ladd who was in great shape as well.  Allen was very pleased to get the victory, it didn’t seem to matter whether it was one point or greater. The men masters started with the 50+ division, Michael Mylius from Richmond, Virginia and a veteran in the sport of competitive bodybuilding went uncontested.  In the (40-49) division Alan Harshaw, Reston, Virginia who weighed in much heavier than he did last year when he was a chiseled 183 lbs won the division uncontested as well.  Alan was runner-up Mr. Virginia last year to Carl Matthews Jr.  In the (35-39) division Alfred Thompson from Burke, Virginia conditioning was the best in the entire contest and this lead to him winning the division over 5th place finisher Vincent O’Neal, 4th place Jody Lee, 3rd place Calvin McIntyre who was one of the favorites to win this show this year, and 2nd place Gerald Allen who won the overall Novice title.  When Mylius, Harshaw and Thompson met for the overall masters’ title, Thompson conditioning would be the decisive factor in his unanimous victory. Sorry to report no fitness competitors showed up for a second year in a row. Again the judges were ready for the challenge.  However, what fitness lacked, figure made up. There were 5 beautiful young ladies  In the under 5’5”  Clare Cui from Virginia Beach led the charge over 2nd place Jennifer Swain of Timberlake, North Carolina.  Last year Clare placed 4th in this competition.  In the over 5’5’ class 3rd place was claimed by Carol Wood who I think probably could have did well as a bodybuilder because of her leanness.  In 2nd place the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Dalton did a fine job but could have been a little darker.  The class title went to a very pretty and pleasing Lanie Nikes of Falls Church, Virginia.  When all was said and done Cui and Nikes battled for the Overall figure title.  Cui got the decision unanimously. They both did a very fine job and entertained the audience with grace and elegance.

The bodybuilding women would be next.  Debbie Frazee of Durham, North Carolina was the lone female bodybuilder who walk away with all the female titles.  She at the age of 46 was very prepared for her very first show ever.  What a way to start it off, as a state champion.  When she finished the night she needed a truck to carry all her awards away. Sorry to report no couples this year!  The men open lightweight class started with Jody Lee, placing 5th, Ignacio Rillorazo place 4th, teenage Danny Lago placed 3rd, Jeff Swain placed 2nd and the winner of the class was Donnie Ladd, who received five first place votes from the panel of seven.   In the men middleweight 4th place went to Kelvin Kemper, 3rd place went to Calvin McIntyre, 2nd place went to Jahi Perry and your winner of the class was Alfred Thompson.  In the light heavyweight 2nd place Aaron Williams, and the winner of the class was Alan Harshaw. The heavyweights were 3rd place, Vincent O’Neal, 2nd place Zeb Sheff and the winner was novice winner Gerald Allen. When the four athletes represented their classes Alfred Thompson was crowned the 8th Mr. NPA Virginia. He was the best conditioned athlete in the entire show. His symmetry still needs a lot of work for greater competition but he knows how to diet. Runner –up for a second year in a row and male best poser was Alan Harshaw. The audience of about 300 + spectators enjoyed a show full of good entertainment. The NPA would like to take the time to thank all the athletes, fans, families and friends that made the show possible and the officials lead by Head Judge, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Troy Crawley, Narva Daniels, Arlessa Gray, Stephan Kitchen, Daniel Wright, Arlessa Gray, test judge JW Hicks, Expediter Vernell Silas, Nikita Silas music man, Minnie Nolan judges secretary/statistician, Michael Stewart, Kim & Gary Johnson, Virginia State University, Mr. Hue Hannah, Ye Sok Silas, Yourdonus James and everybody that made the show a success. Until next year 2008 the NPA signs off. /NPA President, Harry E. Silas   

Ms. Clare Cui, 2007 Ms Figure Virginia

2007 Ms. NPA Virginia: Clare Cui

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