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Results:  The 2005 NPA Fall /Pro Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
October 15, 2005
Colonial Heights Middle School
Sponsored by: The Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

Masters (50-59):  Nicholas Svetahor, Gloucester, VA

Masters (40-49):  David Newton, Chesterfield, VA

Masters (35-39):  Charles Jones, Roosevelt, NY

Overall Masters Champion: Charles Jones

                                    Fitness/Figure Under 5’5”:  Rebekah England, Cumberland, VA
Fitness/Figure Over 5’5”: Debbie Lawless, Rocky Mount, VA
Overall Fitness/Figure Champion: Debbie Lawless

                                             Novice Lightweight: David Newton, Chesterfield, VA
Novice Heavyweight:  Charles Jones, Roosevelt, NY
Overall Novice Champion:  Charles Jones

                                       Masters Women (40+):  Christine Perry, Rougemont, NC
Masters Women (35-39): Stacy England, Cumberland, VA
Overall Masters Champion:  Stacy England

                       Women Middleweight Champion:  Stacy England, Cumberland,VA
Overall Women Champion: Stacy England
Women Best Poser: Stacy England

Men Lightweight Champion:  David Newton, Chesterfield, VA

Men Middleweight Champion:  Michael Blackwelder, Hampton, VA

Men Light Heavyweight Champion: Carl Frady III, Yorktown, VA

Men Heavyweight Champion:  Tim Sinz, Nottingham, MD

Overall Men Champion: Carl Frady III

Men Best Poser:  Jody Lee, Colonial Heights, VA

Pro Division  (Over 40)                                  

1.  Doug Hailey, Newport News, VA             

2.  Charlie Moss, Portland, ME

3.  Keith Rissolo, Hillsborough, NC

Pro Division (Over 40)
1.  Linda Carpenter, Ashburn, VA

Pro Division (Under 40)
1.  LaToynia R. Harvey, Tacoma, WA
2.  Linda Carpenter, Ashburn, VA

Pro Division (Under 40)                                  

1.  Doug Hailey, Newport News, VA               

2. Charlie Moss, Portland, ME                         

3.  Timothy Clanton, Chester, VA

4.  Eugene Collins, Bethesda, MD

5.  Keith Rissolo, Hillsborough, NC

The 2005 NPA Fall/Pro Classic was a real challenge this year. First the NPA would like to take the time and thank its committee members of officials, administrators, aides and assistants who gave their time and efforts to make this contest a success. These people include head judge, Danny Wright, Randy Batts, Narva Daniels, Sherrie Broome’, Daniel Moore, Valerie Foster, Stephan Kitchen, Marcus White, Toni Johnson, JW Hicks, Arlessa Gray, Minnie Nolan, Kim Johnson, Michael Stewart, Brent Holmes, Aaron Bishop, Ye Sok Silas, Rochelle Silas, Expediter Vernell Silas, Music Man Nikita Silas, Sportsfitz, Slade Video, Robert Thomas Photography, The Colonial Heights Middle School, fans, friends and finally the families of the athletes. Without this support the events could not have taken place.

The amateur contest started with prejudging at 12:30 pm and presented interesting quality, a lot of first timers and newcomers. The judges did very well with their scoring as the mean score averaged 87%. A very good score for the 7 panel of judges lead by one head judge. Prejudging went smoothly and finally after the judges and administrators had early dinner at Golden Coral we returned to register the Pro athletes (4 – 6 pm). This year only 7 Pros came out. Two of them were females and it is always a treat when you can get them involved.

Things started off with the National anthem. Newcomer Nicholas Svetahor, a school teacher out of Gloucester, VA started the show off representing the 50+ division, Nick did a pretty good job, especially being his first time out. His conditioning was on and he won the division uncontested. In the men (40-49) Gregg Wood - 4th , Darryl Thomas - 3rd, Ervin Blowe – 2nd  and David Newton – 1st place woke the crowd up a little more.  It was a very close battle between Dave and Ervin, only one point separated the two. Dave was a tad bit better harder than veteran Ervin, especially in the core region.  In the (35-39) Gaby Lamptey – 2nd and winner and newcomer Charles Jones won the class. Jones from Roosevelt, New York looks incredibly good, but needs a lot work on his presentation. His coloring was better in the evening than the morning prejudging. In the men masters overall pose down Jones went on to win over Newton and Svetahor.

In the women fitness/figure (under 5’5”) Dr. Kristen McAleavey was gorgeous and her first time outing was the fun and excitement she thought it would be. 16 year old Rebekah England was also gorgeous and presented the confidence of a seasoned veteran. She won the class.  In the (over 5’ 5”) Debbie Lawless lit up the stage as if it was Christmas time. She and Rebekah went on to compete for the overall title. Debbie experience allowed her to walk away the champion and appears to set her up for future titles.

In the men Novice Lightweight,  Jody Lee – 3rd place, David Klein – 2nd place and David Newton – 1st place represented the class very well.  In the Novice Heavyweight, Ozgur Isik – 6th, Brian Daniel – 5th place,  Cedric Teamer – 4th place, Gaby Lamptey – 3rd place, Tim Sinz – 2nd Place and Charles Jones – 1st place also did a fine job representing this class.  In the men Novice Overall Newton and Jones went at it again and again Jones got the decision, deservingly so.

In the 40+ Masters women uncontested the title went to Christine Perry who looks good. In the (35-39) new comer and mother of Rebekah, Stacy England was the division uncontested winner. Perry and England competed for the Women Masters overall and England was the clear cut winner. Christine also won the overall Novice Women title and again was uncontested.

In the Women open division there were no heavyweights or lightweights, only Stacy and Christine in the middleweight class. Christine – 2nd place and Stacy won the class and the Overall Women title. She also won best poser and is very much NPA Pro material. I predict if she continues to compete in the NPA she will earn her pro card in 2006.

In the open Lightweight,– Jody Lee – 3rd Place, David Klein – 2nd place and David Newton 1st place put on a good opener for the men open class. In the middleweight,

Gregg Wood – 3rd place, Nicholas Svetahor – 2nd place and winner Michael Blackwelder1st place made it just a little better. Blackwelder look great and has serious potential to win this contest. In the Lightheavyweight came more beef.  Ozgur Isik – 5th place,  Darryl Thomas – 4th place, Cedric Teamer – 3rd place, Ervin Blowe– 2nd place, and Carl Frady III – 1st place represented the class better than the other four. Carl is the reigning Light heavyweight State champion and he clearly won the class with little opposition. Finally the big boys came out, the heavyweights, Gabriel (Gaby) Lamptey who couldn’t believe he lost the class. However it was a very decisive decision in the (5 to 2) judging scoring that Tim Sinz (the biggest athlete in the amateur show) beat him and will continue to do so until Gabriel realizes that his diet and conditioning is still a little off and more importantly learn to leave the judging to the panel of judges and not the other athletes or audience who are sometimes just trying to be nice.

When the four champions  came together only one judge thought Blackwelder, who has the potential as stated earlier to win this contest should have won. The rest clearly went with Light heavyweight state champion Carl Frady III. Congratulations go out to Carl who is the assistant manager of Gold’s Gym in Yorktown Virginia.

The Professional Division:  The Natural Physique Association is very proud of its Professional athletes and congratulates them. In the future the Pros will compete before the trophies are handed out in the amateur show. It came to be proven that our Pros did not bring in the crowd. This is something in the future that they will have to work on. In order to make the big bucks, they will have to bring the big gate. Until this happens the pot may not grow. I don’t mind telling all who review our site that we lost money on the Pro division. However, I still am sincere when I say the NPA mission is to give the Natural athletes one more venue to earn gym fees. You can’t do that being an amateur. We have over 30 athletes who were qualified to compete but only 7 showed and 11 paid pros entry fees. Not  hardly enough to pay for the $3125 pay out.

This year Masters (over 40) Doug Hailey came in top form and was the clear cut winner. Charlie Moss made a gallant effort and improved in his posing which is judged at the pro level, placed 2nd.  Newcomer Keith Rissolo did a fantastic job and was the biggest man to enter the stage. Keith will have to come in harder in order to place higher. His routine and music by Bon Jovi was the bomb (good).  In the (Under 40) 5th Place went to Keith Rissolo, 4th Place went to newcomer Eugene Collins who has the potential to dominant this contest. Collins is a showman and exciting to watch on the stage. 3rd place went to big Tim Clanton who had a very good year. I suspect Tim was a little burned out from all his wins earlier in the year. He’ll come in much better next year and all beware this guy is a champion waiting for his opening.  2nd place Charlie Moss who is a veteran and real Pro gets better with time and is amazing. Like the little bunny rabbit, Charlie keeps going and going.

1st Place
Doug Hailey is one of a kind and not many people know this guy but those of us that do he’s a show and one of a kind.

In the Women (over 40) Linda Carpenter who had death in her family almost didn’t make the event. Even though she went uncontested she did a fantastic job and we appreciate her.

In the (under 40) LaToynia Ransom-Harvey came in with the determination that I ‘v e come to respect her for. Once LaToynia give you that look and tell you she’ll be ready, she means it. She traveled all the way from Tacoma, Washington and represented the women class very well winning over 2nd place crossover Linda Carpenter.

Total money paid out was the following: 

                                                                              1. Doug Hailey - $1000
   2. Linda Carpenter -$700
      3. LaToynia R. Harvey - $500
4. Charle Moss - $400
5. Keith Rissolo - $250
6. Tim Clanton- $150 
                                                                              7. Eugene Collins -$125




Total: $3150.00 /  NPA President, Harry E. Silas




The NPA's Official Trophies (Niels Andersen) Sculptures