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NPA President Harry E. Silas, National Champ Paul Bates, Pro Athlete Doug Hailey, 
Head Judge Daniel Q. Wright

                       Results: The 2006 NPA Nationals Bodybuilding& Fitness/Figure
                                      Si-Flex Masters Universe Bodybuilding Championships
                                     24 June 2006
                                           Lee Playhouse (Bldg 4300)
                                                                      Ft. Lee, Virginia 23801
      Sponsor: Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


                                                 Masters (70+):  Julian Jackson, Chesapeake, VA
Masters (50-59): JW Hicks, Richmond, VA
Masters (40-49): Paul Bates, Richmond, VA
Overall Masters Universe Winner: Paul Bates

                                         Figure: Under (5’2”): Dena Banks, Chesterfield, VA
                                   Figure: (5’2” to Under 5’5”): Jennifer Brannon, Richmond,VA 
Figure: (5’5” +):Christie Simmons, Quinton, VA
 Overall Figure Champion: Dena Banks

                                         Female Masters: (50+):  Sheila Grant, Richmond, VA
                                            Overall Masters Women Champion: Sheila Grant 


                                                     Female Lightweight Champion: Toni Johnson, Dinwiddie, VA
                                                                 Overall Female Champion: Toni Johnson  
   Best Female Poser: Toni Johnson

                                                  Couples Overall Champions: Toni Johnson & J.W. Hicks

                                                    Male Lightweight Champion: JW Hicks, Richmond, VA 
Male Middleweight Champion: Calvin McIntyre, Chester, VA 
            Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Paul Bates, Richmond, VA
                                       Male Heavyweight Champion: Carl Frady III,
Newport News, VA
Overall Male Champion: Paul Bates
Best Male Poser: Gary Greenwood

                                 Update Report on the: 2006 NPA Nationals and Masters Universe

The Natural Physique Association hosted its seventh National Pro qualifying Bodybuilding Championships.  Again small, twenty one quality athletes, the best in the natural world of bodybuilding showed up. The treat to this event was the four 70+ athletes that represented the Si-Flex Masters Universe.  Jack King a former Masters America from Winston-Salem, North Carolina knows how to win.  He had three first place votes from the panel of seven. However retired police officer, Julian Jackson from Chesapeake, Virginia got four of the seven votes and presented a graceful pleasing package and entertained the night crowd commendably.  At the golden age of 71, Jackson looks great. Placing third was Dr. Don Morse from Cherry Hill, New Jersey and finishing the class from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was 4th place, Al Mann.

In the (50-59) division, JW Hicks from Richmond, Virginia who has been winning everything except overalls won the division over 2nd place Dr. Rick Williams.  Williams from Salisbury, Massachusetts and an ole rival of my own looked great. He did get at least one first place vote. In 3rd place who actually tied with Williams was Gary Greenwood. Gary has a nice package and also earned at least one first place vote. He also earned the male best poser award with his Gary Cooper look a like baseball routine. Nick Svetahor, from Gloucester, Virginia came in as a middleweight this year and finished in fourth place.    

In the (40-49) division came what they call the beef. All the way from Norwalk, Connecticut Michael Uzar a real good looking athlete presented a great package. He was full, graceful and on any given day can win a top notch show.  He originally was scheduled to compete in another federation out in San Diego somewhere.  The show had some scheduling problems and I can totally understand why Mr. Uzar did not want to let all his hard work go down in vain.  Any way Henrico Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Bates came in great condition and was ½ lb heavier than Uzar.  It came down to conditioning and these two gladiators were each others toughest challenge. When the smoke cleared Bates squeaked past Uzar by one point. It was very close and I thought they both did good things to win. These guys could win against each other on any given day. It did look like Uzar was holding a little fluid. Bates went on to win the Overall Masters Universe title against Jackson and Hicks, the first of his eligibility to compete as a NPA Pro.

The mood changed to figure and even though there were only three of them they entertained their fans, friends and families well. The good thing there were three classes, short, medium and tall and each one of the athletes fitted in to create the challenge that short class winner, Dena Banks needed to win. This was Dena’s second year winning this title and she was gorgeous and elegant as ever. Dena was our first figure athlete in the NPA and she’s undefeated in figure so far.

The masters presented one female athlete, 55 year old Sheila Grant. I thought she look good.  However, she became ill after prejudging and could not return to the finals to claim her title. 

In the Women Open it wasn’t much better, one athlete. Toni weighed in at 112lbs a lightweight. Nobody likes to win a title this way. To her credit, she did her home, gym work and showed up and that’s all she could do.  This was her best look in the NPA thus far and was presented her award and title with all that went with it.

Newcomer Jennifer Dalton opened up the event by singing the National Anthem and was awarded a plaque for her participation in the event. She is getting prepared for the Mr./Ms North Carolina Championships on 15 July 2006.

In the Men Nationals a lot of the Universe athletes crossed over.  JW Hicks won the lightweight class followed by Rick Williams and finishing 3rd was Donnie Ladd from Richmond, Virginia. In the Men Middleweight class, Calvin McIntyre from Chester easily won the class over Nick Svetahor .Calvin has great symmetry but was a little smooth. In the Lightheavyweight class a repeat of Uzar and Bates with the same results. Bates did bring the crowd at the finals. His fans, friends and family made it known they were there. Dustin Greenwood from Palmyra, Virginia and a young student who should have been in the teenage Virginia bought quite a few to cheer for him as well. He placed 3rd in the class. Carl Frady III, from Newport News, Virginia was the only heavyweight to show up and much to his credit he looked  better than he did when he won the Fall Classic last year. If Carl continues to improve he’ll be in the thick of things. In the overall pose down Paul Bates had little trouble with runner up Frady III, Hicks 3rd place and McIntyre 4th place. Bates had a great night as he walked away our top Male National athlete this year so far.

We’d also like to acknowledge our couples Gary & Kikky Greenwood who entertained the audience well and appeared to have a lot of fun. Toni Johnson and JW Hicks performed their routine to time of my life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Grey, sound track from dirty dancing and won this title for a second year in a row. /Harry E. Silas

Until next year we’d like to thank the following individuals who made this show a success; Daniel Wright – Head Judge, Narva Daniels, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Sherrie Broome’, Troy Crawley, Valerie Foster, Marcus White, Arlessa Gray, Mary Anna George, Vernell Silas, Michael Stewart, Rochelle Silas, Nikita Silas, Kim Johnson, Minnie Nolan, YeSok Silas, Robert Thomas, Roger Simmons, Mark and Laura Slade, and Sportsfitz, Tom, Dawn and Lee Farmer.                                              

                        Congratulations go out to these 2006 Pro Qualified Champions!