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Results: The 2006 NPA Fall/Pro Classic
Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
21 October 2006
Middle School, Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834                
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


                     Amateur Participants

                                       Teenage: Jordan Guill, Chester, VA                                    

                   Masters (50+):  Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville, VA
          Masters (40-49):  Randy Glass, Staunton, VA

                                                                Masters (35-39):  Scott Adams, Moseley, VA

Overall Masters Winner:  Randy Glass

                  Figure (Medium Class): Katie Everhard,Midlothian, VA
                 Overall Figure Champion: Katie Everhard

                 Male Lightweight (Novice) Champion:  Jethro Adams, Richmond, VA
Male Heavyweight (Novice) Champion:Kenny Hudson, Midlothian, VA

                                                                                         Overall Novice Champion:  Jethro Adams
Male Lightweight Champion:  Sean Sullivan, Mashpee, MA            
Male Middleweight Champion:  Randy Glass, Staunton, VA            
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:  Scott Adams, Moseley, VA             
Male Heavyweight Champion:  David Thomas, Virginia Beach, VA
                                                                                          Overall Male Champion:  Randy Glass
                                                                                                                 Best Poser:  Sean Sullivan

                                                      Congratulations go out to these Champions!
Others Participants were:  Chris Meadows, Charlie Haire, Darryl Thomas, Jerry Maitland, Steven Turner, Nicholas Svetahor, Carl Frady III, Rich Yauch, and Jerry Martin.


                                         Professional Participants

 Pro Women (Over 40)                                       Pro Men (Over 40)
1. Eleanor McBride - $550                        1.  Doug Hailey - $550 
2. Linda Carpenter - $250                         2. Charlie Moss - $250

 Pro Women (Open)                                          Pro Men (Open) 
 1. Eleanor McBride - $550                            1. Doug Hailey - $550
         2.  LaToynia Ransom-Harvey - $250            2. Timothy Clanton - $250
                                    3.  Linda Carpenter - $200                                                                                                       

Total payout available: $5300


Total actual payout: $3600   Good Show NPA Pro athletes, see you next year!


This years NPA Fall/Pro Classic looked as though it was going to be a record breaker. Many qualified Pro athletes emailed or phoned months away from the contest.  However, when October 21st rolled around the Pro division was down to six, three females and three males. This really didn’t spoil the show because they were very good and prepared as they entertained the audience and amateur athletes.  The total shows both amateur and pro lasted 3 hours and this included an intermission.  Sixteen years of promoting, experience has taught me, shows longer than this loses the attention span of the audience. The entertainment lessens and people become restless.

The amateur show drew eighteen (18) competitors and two of them, Randy Glass and Carl Frady III earned their Pro eligibilities early this year but decided to wait a little while longer. Sean Sullivan already a Pro in another organization still needs to qualify with the NPA by competing in one of the Pro Qualifiers in which on any given day he could win.  This rule is designed to protect the athletes whom have made the NPA what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.

The show opened with the National Anthem followed by the opening of the Pro show with Linda Carpenter and Eleanor McBride.  Linda is a good looking athlete and has beautiful stage presence and great symmetry.  She has worked very hard to be where she is.  However, Eleanor was on and came from Clinton Township, Michigan with a purpose and it appeared it was to take the title back to Michigan. She received perfect scores from all nine judges. Even the extra three test judges gave her perfect scores. After they went through the quarter turn round and compulsory poses, LaToynia Ransom-Harvey joined the mix.  Last year LaToynia beat Linda. This year it was a lot closer as the two was separated by only one point. With McBride in the class, again it was unanimous and she earned a second victory over the two. Carpenter and Harvey will have to return back to the drawing board to dethrone McBride.

After the women Pros were finished the men pros made their entrance, Charlie Moss and Doug Hailey.  Charlie was not at his best but he showed up and gave a great effort. I think because Doug had been issued a challenge from 2006 NPA USA winner Kent Bierly, back in August, and 2006 NPA National winner Paul Bates, Doug knew he’d have to be at the top of his game. He came in exceptionally good this year and received all perfect scores from the judges. Things didn’t change much when Timothy Clanton was added to the mix. However, it did drop Charlie Moss to 3rd place. Tim didn’t look as hard and ripped as he did in 2005 when he upset Allen Crowder, Ray Adonay, and Carl Matthews Jr., all tough competitors. Doug routine was the best of the competition and probably the best poser I’ve seen in many years!  Once the pros strutted their stuff intermission was taken.

When the show started back, the amateurs were ready and the loyal fans, families and friends were ready as well. They weren’t about to leave until they saw their favorites. Two athletes that really bought the crowd were brothers,  Jethro and Scott Adams. This is really how it works. 

Teenage Jordan Guill, Chester, Virginia and a former two times NPA teenage Virginia defeated Rick Yauch from Columbus, Ohio,  Guill look very good and will be losing his teenage eligibility on November 25th.  In the (50-59) division, 3rd place went to Charlie Haire, Roaring River, North Carolina, 2nd place was Nick Svetahor, Gloucester, Virginia and your winner was Davis Ainsley Jr., Mechanicsville, Virginia. In the (40-49) division 3rd place was captured by Darryl Thomas of Montpelier, Virginia, 2nd place belonged to Sean Sullivan, Mashpee, Massachusetts and the winner was Staunton, Virginia’s Randy Glass. It was a close decision between these two athletes. Sullivan knew all the tricks and one would make a strong case by looking at the pictures on www. that he won. But give Randy credit too, he’s a good looking athlete and on any given day any athlete can be beat by another.  In the (35-39) 5th place went to Jerry Maitland, Jetersville, Virginia, 4th place went to Steve Turner, Norfolk, Virginia, 3rd place went to Kenny Hudson, Midlothian, Virginia, 2nd place went David Thomas, Virginia Beach, Virginia and the winner was Scott Adams of Moseley, Virginia.

Ainsley, Glass, and Adams vied for the Overall Masters title and Glass won the decision convincingly.

In the novice lightweight (under 175) 3rd place went to Chris Adams, Colonial Heights Virginia, 2nd place went to Steve Turner, Norfolk, Virginia and 1st place was awarded to Jethro Adams, Richmond, Virginia. In the novice heavyweight (175+) 2nd place was awarded to Jerry Maitland, and the winner was Kenny Hudson. When Adams and Hudson met for the Overall Novice title Adams got the unanimous first place votes necessary to claim the title.

Katie Everhard was the lone amateur female in the Fall Classic competition. She looked gorgeous and would have been a thorn in somebody’s side. Needless to say she won the title uncontested.

In the men open contestant #15, Jethro Adams was disqualified due to him belonging in the middleweight class. This error was not discovered to after the contest. It is the NPA policy to send each athlete a copy of the judges score sheets. By now Jethro even though allowed to keep the trophy he was DQ and each athlete that he affected moved up one placement. 4th place was Chris Meadows, 3rd place Nick Svetahor, 2nd place was awarded to Davis Ainsley and the winner was Sean Sullivan. In the middleweight class, 4th place was earned by Jerry Martin, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 3rd place belong to Darryl Thomas, 2nd place belonged to teenage Jordan Guill and the winner of the class was Randy Glass. In the Lt. Heavyweight class 3rd place went to Kenny Hudson, 2nd place honors went to Carl Frady III, Yorktown, and the winner was Scott Adams. The lone heavyweight went to big 223lber David Thomas.

The Overall was represented by Sullivan, Glass, Adams and Thomas. As good as all these men looked it would be Randy Glass‘s day. He was a unanimous winner and a deserving champion! Sean Sullivan earned the best poser award! You may review photos on www. Until next year stay safe and stay Natural.