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                                                 Results of the 2010 GK Classic
                                            Northern High School, 7 August 2010


Results: The 2010
 GK Classic Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
7 August 2010
Northern High School, Durham, NC 27712
Sponsor:  Gloria Knight-McNeil
Teenage (13 – 16): Robert Welty, Statesville, NC
Teenage (17-19): David Fryar, Cary NC
Overall Teenage Champion:  David Fryar

Novice Lightweight: Chanse Betts, Roxboro, NC
Novice Heavyweight: David Bowers, Browns Summit, NC
Overall Novice Champion: Chanse Betts

Novice Lightweight Women:  Shirley Minter-Smith, Raleigh, NC
Overall Novice Champion:  Shirley Minter-Smith, Raleigh, NC

Masters Women (40+): Shirley Minter-Smith
Overall Masters Women Champion: Shirley Minter-Smith

Women Lightweight Champion: Shirley Minter-Smith
Overall Women Champion: Shirley Minter-Smith
Best Women Poser: Shirley Minter-Smith

Figure: Masters (40+): Angela Barnhill, Rocky Mt., NC
Overall Figure Masters: Angela Barnhill 

igure: 5’5” (under): Janelle Pierce, Spring Lake, NC
Figure: 5’5” (+):  Dr. Regina Norris, Greensville, SC
Overall Figure Champion: Dr. Regina Norris

Masters Men (50+): Isadore Morrow Jr. Greensboro, NC
Masters Men (40-49): Kestutis Maciulis, Holly Springs; NC
Masters Men (35-39): Robert Herring, Fayetteville, NC
Overall Masters Men Champion:  Robert Herring

Men Open Lightweight Champion: Robert Herring
Men Open Midwt Champ:  David Rappaport, Wake Forest, NC
Men Open Lt. Hvywt Champ: Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem, NC
Men Open Heavyweight Champion: Kestutis Maciulis
Overall Open Men Champion: Robert Herring
Best Men Poser:  Isadore Morrow Jr.


Congratulations go out to these
2010 National qualified champions!

Other Participants were:  Todd Simmons III, Walkertown NC, Rodney Cates,Hurdle Mills
Cedric Perry, Rocky Mt., NC, Lester Matte, Durham, NC, William Evans, Durham, NC,
William Wood, Walkertown, NC, Myron Holmes, Durham, NC, Joan Hetter, Wake Forest,
NC, Catherine Massoglia, Raleigh, NC, and Elliot Grout, Creedmoor, NC. 




 GK Classic Figure Overall Champion: Dr. Regina Norris GK Classic overall winner Robert Herring w/ NPA Prez Harry E. Silas & Promoter Gloria Knight-McNeil GK Classic overall winner bikini: Angela Barnhill

Overall Ms. GK Classic Champion: Shirley Minter-Smith GK Classic  teenage champions: Robert Welty & David Fryar GK Classic: Overall Champion Robert  Herring

The inside scope of the 2010 GK Classic
Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

August 7, 2010 NPA’s Pro athlete Gloria Knight – McNeil promoted her third annual GK classic Bodybuilding, fitness/figure
Championships.  “The show was hot again this year with (25) twenty five athletes participating. Did we mention that those beautiful
ladies in black returned?  They are truly beautiful and added to the event.  Ceyonne Jones - Crumpler, Becki Howell, Veronica Paylor,
Lareshia Owens, Melanie Silino, Kymb Taylor and Debbie Frazee were the ladies for 2010.

This year we the NPA tried something a little different which was the bikini challenge. We have not added this to our rule book nor
have we concluded exactly how we are going to judge it. Gloria was adamant for it and so what the heck, we gave it a try. However,
we did it as a trial look and we let the audience decide the order of placement.  It reminded you of (amateur hour at the Apollo) in
which I participated in many years ago as a contestant.

There were three contestants and placing 3rd  according to the audience in which the ladies in black confirmed by the level of cheers
was Ines Palacios,  Raleigh, NC, 2nd place was Catherine Massoglia, Raleigh, NC and the winner was Angela Barnhill, Rocky Mt., North
Carolina.  What an exciting way to open up a show. The audience participation was good and this was on the way of becoming another
good show.

As only Gloria can do so well in recognizing and acknowledging many, there were some distinguished guests. The show was a
(two session)/ (Prejudging & Finals) and started of with the teenage division which included two classes (13 -16) year old Robert
Welty, Statesville, NC and (17-19) year old David Fryar, Cary, NC.  Welty and Fryar met in the overall teenage and both look good.
However the older Fryar had a slight advantage and the judges selected him as the GK Classic 2010 champion.

Next, the Novice lightweights (under 175) five athletes represented the class.  In 5th place  Darnell Briggs of Mebane, NC was
declared, Robert Welty  a teen crossover earned 4th place, Todd Simmons, from Walkertown, NC   captured 3rd, David Fryar teen
crossover grabbed 2nd place and the winner was Chanse Betts, Roxboro, NC.  In the Novice heavyweights (175+) there were also
five good looking athletes.  In 5th place Lester Matte, Durham, NC who is (50+) declared the placement, Attorney Cedric Perry,
Rocky Mt., NC earned 4th place, Defense Attorney Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem, NC earned 3rd,  First Sergeant Rodney Cates,
Hurdle Mills, NC placed 2nd, conditioned and the winner of the class was Browns Summit, NC; David Bowers.  In the overall posedown
when Betts and Bowers went at it. It was only one judge that thought Bowers should have won and the other 4 were sure that Betts
had the better package of the day. Both athletes look great and represented themselves very well.

The men Masters (50+) group came out next. There were four (4) good looking athletes ready to do battle. In 4th place Lester Matte
a novice crossover and newcomer to the NPA claimed the position, Cedric Perry, novice crossover earned 3rd place, another novice
crossover; Clark Fischer claimed the 2nd spot, and from Greensboro, NC Isadore Morrow finished first.  His presentation would be the
best of the day!

The Men Masters (40-49) group, (8) eight gladiators came to do battle.  8th place went to Darnell Briggs, Mebane, NC, Todd Simmons,
a crossover from the novice place 7th, 1SG Rodney Cates finished 6th,  crossover David Bowers claimed 5th , William Evans, Durham,
NC finished 4th, newcomer David Rappaport, Wake Forest, NC earned 3rd place, William Wood from Walkertown, NC placed 2nd but
did receive a couple of first place votes and the winner of the largest class of the day went to veteran Kestutis Maciulis from Holly
Spring, NC. Kestutis is an athlete whom has a lot of atheism in his soul.  It’s just a matter of time before he takes his place on the
pro stage. 

 In the men masters (35-39) division there were only two again this year but boy were they tough.  Second place went to Durham,
North Carolina Myron Holmes who came in holding fluid.  The judges have seen Myron a lot sharper. Robert Herring and the winner of
the class was in the best condition the officials have ever seen him in.   He was not going to be denied the title.  When the three
division leaders met for the overall masters pose down Herring smaller than Maciulis but in superb condition outpointed unanimously
everyone and won the decision and GK Classic title.

Next came the women novice and there was only one this year. Her name was Shirley Minter-Smith of Raleigh, NC. She also
represented the Women Masters (40+) and the Women Open lightweight class. And because she was the lone and only female
bodybuilding competitor she uncontestantly won everything to do with female bodybuilding to include best poser.  Congratulations
go out to this gladiator. She came prepared to compete and win. It is not her fault if everyone stayed home.

The beauties (figure athletes) were next.  There were six. However we did have competition and it started with the Masters figure
(40+).  Second place (2nd) claimed by Joan Hetter, Wake Forest, NC and the winner was bikini crossover Angela Barnhill from Rocky
Mount, NC.  Angela was also awarded the Masters overall as well.

In the Figure open short under 5’5’’ (short) class two represented and in 2nd place crossover Joan Hetter claimed the position. The
winner of the class belonged to Janelle Pierce, Spring Lake, NC.  In the figure open tall 5’5”(+) there were also two and 2nd place was
earned by  bikini crossover Catherine Massoglia, Raleigh, NC and the winner of the class was Dr. Regina Norris who was clearly a
When Regina and Janelle, Norris received all first place votes!  This was great competition calling for Norris to compete in
a pro qualifier.

In the open men lightweight division there were five athletes who made things happen. In 5th place crossover Isadore Morrow
claimed placement. In 4th place, William Wood another crossover, Elliot Grout, Creedmoor, NC claimed 3rd place, 2nd place went to
Chanse Betts, Roxboro, North Carolina for a second year in a row and the winner was Robert Herring who was the overall masters’

  In the middleweight class there were four athletes. Fourth place went to crossover David Bowers. To his credit he looks better this
year than last.  Third place went Myron Holmes who was carrying fluid.  Dave Rappaport who competed earlier won this class. 

 In the men’s light heavyweight there was only one. He was crossover and veteran Clark Fischer. Clark has been a strong supporter
of the NPA and we are glad to see him win the class (uncontested). 

In the men’s heavyweight there was only one and his name was crossover Kestutis Maciulis. Once again this athlete has unlimited
talent on any given day he has the tools to win it all. When the four met for the Overall GK overall male title Herring was crowned as
the champion. Best poser went to Isadore Morrow.  Herring says he’s going to Richmond next month to pursue his pro card. Good
luck to him he certainly bought it at the GK Classic.

 Like to thank head judge Narva Daniels, Ron Smock McCarthy, Randy Batts, Tami Prager,  and Rodney Barnes for their hard work as
officials and recognized  JW Hicks who did a fine job as judges secretary/statistician  and again recognize Gloria Knight-McNeil for
the fine effort and job she did putting this show together for a second year. All photos can be reviewed under ./ Harry E. Silas