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2010 NPA Tri-Cities "Regional" Bodybuilding & Fitness
                     Figure Championships Results


Results: The 2010 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional” Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
4 December 2010
Colonial Heights Middle School, Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Figure: (40+): Heidi Lassiter, Wake Forest, NC
Figure:  (35-39): Tiffany Delano, Rocky Mt. NC
Overall Masters Figure Champion: Heidi Lassiter

          Figure: 5’5” (under): Kristen Wong –Denman, Williamsburg,VA
Figure: 5’5” (+): Kelly Pettaway, Petersburg,VA
Overall Figure Champion: Kristen Wong- Denman

Female Lightweight Champion: Shirley Minter-Smith, Raleigh, NC
Overall Female Champion:  Shirley Minter-Smith
Best Female Poser:  Shirley Minter-Smith

Teenage Male Champion: Jerry Maitland III, Jetersville, VA
Overall Teenage Champion: Jerry Maitland III

Novice Lightweight: Holden Walsh, Ashland, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Chris Hepburn, Chester, VA
Overall Novice Champion: Holden Walsh

Masters (50+): Stephan Kitchen, Reedsville, VA
Masters (40-49): Joe Wojtach, Colonial Heights, VA
Masters (35-39): Greg Poythress, Greenville, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Stephan Kitchen

Male Lightweight Champion: Stephan Kitchen, Reedsville, VA
Male Middleweight Champion: Chris Hepburn, Chester, VA
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion:  Adam Minter, Lynchburg, VA
Male Heavyweight Champion:  James Heely, Chesapeake, VA
Overall Male Champion: Stephan Kitchen, Reedsville
st Male Poser:  Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC

 Congratulations go out to these 2010 National qualified champions!

Other Participants were:  Andrea Wynn, Chester, VA, Heidi Gregory, Yorktown, VA, Susan Burgoyne, Camden, MD,Toni Johnson, Dinwiddie/Petersburg, Kris Nugent, Richmond, VA, Lareisha Owens, Cary, NC, Rhonda Quiring, Lorton, VA, Jessica Scott- Jessup, MD, Jennifer McKinley, Newport News, VA, Melanie Blatt, College Park.    

Stephan Kitchen; Mr. 2010 Tri - Cities Overall & Masters Champion Holden Walsh; Overall Novice Men Champion; 2010 Tri-Cities Regional Heidi Lassiter; Ms.Masters Tri-Cities 2010


The inside scope of the 2010 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional”  
Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

December 4, 2010 the NPA last show of the season was full of liveliness and spirit. There
were thirty one (31) athletes and some crossovers that made the show even larger.  The
Colonial Heights “fully accredited” Middle School provided an acceptable site and venue. The
lighting wasn’t what we’ve come accustomed too but got the job done.  The weather was
cold but overall not too bad.  After attending to an emergency in the audience by one of our
fans we presented the National Anthem and got the show underway about 6:25 pm.  It was
approximately 10:30 pm by the time we loaded our last piece of equipment and exited the venue.
 The athletes were in great condition and entertained their families, fans, and friends once again
commendably.  NPA Pro athletes Dena Banks and Latoynia Ransom-Harvey test judged and Bench
Press Champion; Chill Wil Lynch from the state of North Carolina assisted with the awards.  There
were over 300 spectators that supported the last show of the season and we appreciate that.

Again the show was live-judged aka one session and the Master’s Figure forty female division 40 (+)
started it off. What beautiful women to open up an event.  The fans appreciated the effort.  Six women
represented the group, in 6th place was Andrea Wynn, Chester, VA who looked very good for her first show
ever. 5th place went to first time figure performer, Toni Johnson, Dinwiddie, VA, Heidi Gregory, Yorktown, VA
tied with 3rd place finisher Kris Nugent, Richmond, VA.  Heidi ended up placing 4th after the two met in a pose off.
2nd place went to the beautiful Susie Burgoyne, Camden, MD and the winner with an impressive score was Heidi Lassiter,
Wake Forest, NC. There were two in the (35-39) division. In 2nd place was Lareshia Owens, Cary, North Carolina and the
winner was the beautiful Tiffany Delano, Rocky Mt., NC. When Lassiter and Delano met in the overall it was a unanimous
decision that Lassiter was going to be the next Ms. Masters'Tri-Cities.   

In the women open figure we had some crossovers. In the short class; athletes under 5’5”
(short): there were seven and in 7th place was Jessica Scott, Jessup, MD, 6th place would be crossover Heidi Gregory,
Yorktown, VA, 5th place went to Susie Burgoyne, Camden, MD, 4th place went to Lareisha Owens, Cary, NC, 3rd place
went to Rhonda Quiring, Lorton, VA, in 2nd place was claimed by Tiffany Delano, Rocky Mt., NC and your champion was the beautiful Kristen Wong-Denman, Williamsburg, Va.  In the tall class 5’5” (+) there were only four. In 4th place was Andrea
Wynn, Chester, VA, in 3rd place was Jennifer McKinley, Newport News, VA, 2nd place was claimed by Melanie Blatt, College
Park, MD, and 1st place went to Kelly Pettaway, Petersburg, VA. When Wong-Denman and Pettaway squared off for the
overall title Wong-Denman was declared the overall winner by all 5 judges. 

In the masters (40+) women there were two and they looked good.  2nd place went too Rose Marie Dexter, from Ashland,
VA.  She needs a little more time and she’ll be a force for someone else to be concerned about. The champion and 1st place,
along with the overall masters title of the night; went to Shirley Minter-Smith, Raleigh, NC. Shirley was a bit more polished and appeared to want the title more.  

In the women open division, they both ended up in the same lightweight class (under 115).  Shirley repeated what she did in
the masters round and won the class, the overall open women title and the female best poser of the night. Congratulations go
out to Shirley.

 The teenage division was represented by Jarod Stapleton, Eastover, NC and Jerry Maitland III, Jetersville, VA. Stapleton
appeared to be very nervous and because this was his very first show and standing next to the state & novice champ this
didn’t make him feel very comfortable either.   However he shook the butterflies and finally got his nerve to go out and give
it his best.  Maitland unanimously won the title.

 In the men’s lightweight novice (under 175lbs) there were five and in 5th place was Travis Beasley, Morristown, TN, in 4th
place was Greg Poythress, Greenville, NC, 3rd place was captured by Josh Russell another Morristown, Tennessean, in 2nd
place was newcomer; Mark Williams, Free Union, VA and placing 1st was Holden Walsh, Ashland, VA and in the best condition
thus far.  In the (175+) heavyweight novice class there were only four athletes who were fighting to make the top three. 4th
place was taken by Joe Wojtach, Colonial Heights, VA, 3rd place went to Wes Desbrow, Colonial Hts., VA ,2nd place was awarded
to Adam Minter, Lynchburg, VA and the winner of the class was Chris Hepburn,  Chester, VA .  In the overall posedown between Walsh and Hepburn it was clear cut, with a perfect score Walsh completely dominated the win.  It was a unanimous decision. 

In the Masters men (50 +) there were four; 4th place finisher was Cedric Perry of Rocky Mount, NC who has been here before. 3rd place went to Wes Desbrow, 2nd place went to crossover; Mark Williams. Williams look pretty good and was in good condition. 1st place was earned by a man who went from 215 to 162 lbs in preparation for this show.  Stephan Kitchen, Reedville, VA won the class pretty easily.   In the (40-49) there were two with 2nd place going to Scott Brady from Spartanburg, SC. He also would end up winning the male best poser award for the night.  The winner of the class was Joe Wojtach, Colonial Heights, VA. In the (35-39) division there  was only one. Greg Poythress, Greenville, NC uncontestantly won the division. When the three division winners came together for the overall Masters title Stephan Kitchen would be the winner. Very Clear Kitchen stood out. Mark Williams did receive one first place vote, however Kitchen had a little too much size for him.     

 In the open men division lightweight (under 165) four crossovers represented. In 4th place was Mark Williams, 3rd place went to Jerry Maitland III whose conditioning was off tonite for the open division. 2nd place went to Holden Walsh who made it close because to he did receive one first place and two second place votes. The winner of the class Stephan Kitchen received two first place votes and only one third place vote.  In the men’s middleweight (165 to under 185) there was 3rd place finisher; Wes Desbrow, 2nd place finisher Josh Russell, and the winner was 1st place Chris Hepburn.  In the light heavyweight (185 to under 200) there were only two and in 2nd place was Cedric Perry and in first place was Adam Minter. The one lone heavyweight (200+) belonged to James Heely, Chesapeake, VA.  When the posedown took place amongst the four class winners and all the smoke cleared Stephan Kitchen was clearly the man.  He was unanimous and now it’s rest time for all of the NPA athletes as the season comes to a close.

The show was well represented and supported by the fans, families and friends. This time they came from Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.  Also special recognition goes out to our top female Pro figure athlete Ms. Dena Banks who was a test judge.  She will be honored at the 5th annual NPA banquet 12/5/10 and Latoynia Ransom-Harvey another NPA Pro athlete.

 Special thanks also go out to: Head Judge, JW Hicks, and Judges: Kerry Barnard, Arlessa Gray, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Karen Romer, Rodney Barnes, Chief Secretary, Valerie Foster, Statistician, Sherry Broome’, Soundmen; Danny Wright and Kevin Garrett,  Expediters; Randy “Big Arms” Batts and Cynithia Reid, Contest Administrators Michael Stewart and Lonnie Young, Treasurer, Rochelle Silas, Heather Garrett, brother John Robinson, Robert Thomas, NPA official photographer, the Colonial Heights Middle School administration and Ms. Teresa Ruffin. Until next year; peace/Harry E. Silas, NPA President

Pictures can be viewed on
links/photo flex/NPA 2010 Tri-Cities “Regional”


Kristen Wong-Denman; Ms. Tri-Cities Overall Winner 2010 Shirley Minter-Smith; Ms. Tri-Cities & Chill Wil & NPA Prez Harry Silas Jerry Maitland III, Mr. Teenage Tri-Cities 2010