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Results: The 2011 Mr. /Ms. Tennessee BodybuildingFitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
Civic Auditorium
1550 Ft. Henry Drive, Kingsport, TN 37664
Sponsor:Si-Flex Physique Club Inc. & Melissa Minton-Shaffer
June 4, 2011

       Bikini (5’5” (+) Tall: Robin Tipton, Johnson City, TN
                 Bikini Overall Champion: Robin Tipton 
       Figure Masters (40+): Traci Moore, Kingsport, TN
                Figure Masters Champion: Traci Moore

       Figure (Under 5’ 5”): Traci Moore, Kingsport, TN  
         Figure (5’5” (+): Debbie Beal, Knoxville, TN
           Figure Overall Champion: Traci Moore
Overall Teenage Champion: Clayton Hardin, Johnson City, TN
        Novice Lightweight: James Hughes, Knoxville, TN
                Overall Novice Champion:  James Hughes 

      Masters (50+):  Dave Osborne, Johnson City, TN
Masters (40-49): Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC
Masters (35-39):  James Hughes, Knoxville, TN
            Overall Masters Champion:  James Hughes

         Female Masters (40+): Amy Beach, Roebuck, SC
Overall Female Masters Champion: Amy Beach

           Female Lightweight: Amy Beach, Roebuck, SC
              Overall Female Champion: Amy Beach
Best Female Poser:  Amy Beach

 Male Lightweight Champion: Aaron Heidebreight,Nashville,TN
Male Middleweight Champion: James Hughes, Knoxville, TN
   Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Justin Clark, Knoxville, TN
 Male Heavyweight Champion: Sherman Newton,Baltimore, MD
                       Overall Male Champion: James Hughes
Best Male Poser:  Aaron Heidebreight

                Couples Champion: Scott Brady & Amy Beach

Congratulations go out to these 2011 NPA National qualified and State champions!

Other Participants were:  Phillip Snapp,
Powell TN, Seth Baird, Johnson City TN, Derrick Middleton, Cawood KY, Todd Dunnavant, Johnson City TN, Bill Martin, Bristol TN, and David Russell, Norcross GA.

NPA President; Harry E. Silas & NPA TN State Chairwoman Melissa Minton-Shaffer Mr. Tennessee Overall Champion James Hughes poses w/ Melissa & Big Arms Batts Ms. Tennessee Bikini; Robin Tipton


The inside scope of the 2011 NPA Tennessee  Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships

June 4, 2011 the NPA first and 4th show of the season was hosted when the place that Elvis Pressley visited many years ago; the civic auditorium in Kingsport, Tennessee became a reality. There were eighteen (18) athletes and some crossovers to make the show even more entertaining.  The Civic Auditorium provided a beautiful aura within and was plenty big enough to make this show a hit. The lighting was a bit off, however we bought lighting in our U – haul and the stage was well lit once we adjusted.  Lee Page, back –up NPA photographer provided lighting assistance as well.

The show was good and we wanted to set up Friday night but due to an accident that shut I-81 South down we didn’t arrive in time and all we were allowed to do were unload and return early Saturday morning. Co- promoter Melissa Minton-Shaffer and soon to be; NPA Tennessee state chairwoman was there to meet us and everything went like clock work as we prepared the venue for the first NPA show ever in the state of Tennessee.

  The weather was on our side and presented beautiful conditions. We started registration, prejudging and finals all on time.  The athletes were in great shape and entertained their fans, friends and families commendably.  NPA Pro athlete Danny Wright provided the sound and did one fine job. Co – promoter Melissa Minton-Shaffer did a guest pose and provided additional entertainment to the audience of 200 + spectators.  

The bikini division presented one athlete; Robin Tipton, Johnson City, TN who was on point, a dental hygienist, intelligent and beautiful.  It would not have made a difference if there were 20 bikini competitors or 2, she would have still been the one to beat.  

In the women masters figure two well fit competitors vied for the title. In second place Debbie Beal, Knoxville, TN earned all the votes for the placement.  Winning the class with a perfect score of 3 was Traci Moore, Kingsport, TN who looked well prepared for the mission at hand. Both Debbie and Traci crossed over to the open figure division. Each won their perspective height classes. When the two went against each other for the overall title, Traci got the unanimous nod for the title.

One athlete represented the teenage division.  Clayton Hardin, Johnson City, TN was his name. He was gamed and bought his best package.  Just like in the bikini division Clayton was ready for who ever. He would go on to cross over into the men’s novice and open divisions.

  In the men’s lightweight novice (under 175lbs) there were six and in 6th place was Derrek Middleton, Cawood, KY, 5th place was claimed by Phillip Snapp, Knoxville, TN, 4th place award went to teenage Clayton Hardin, Johnson City, TN, 3rd place was Todd Dunnavant, Johnson City, TN, 2nd place was claimed by Seth Baird, Johnston City, TN who looked well prepared and the winner of the class James Hughes, Knoxville, TN was phenomenal.  Absolutely didn’t look like a novice.  There were no (175+) heavyweight novice this trip so the overall title would be presented to lightweight class winner James Hughes.

In the Masters men (50 +) there were only two; 2nd place finisher was Bill Martin, Bristol, TN and 1st place winner David Osborne , Johnson City, TN who also participated in a crossover.  (In the 40-49) there was only one and he was Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC, who didn’t let it faze him one bit. In the (35-39) division there were three; 3rd place finisher, David Russell, Norcross GA and soon to be NPA  Georgia state Chairman followed 2nd place finisher Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD and 1st place winner from Knoxville, TN, James Hughes. When the three division winners came together for the overall Masters title James Hughes was the winner.  This guy is someone who is going to be a force in the Natural Physique Association.   

In the masters (40+) women bodybuilding there was only one, Amy Beach, Roebuck, SC and she looked good. She was also awarded the overall masters women title for an uncontested win.  She then went on to represent the women open division where she competed as a lightweight (under 115). Also being uncontested in this field she was crowned Ms. Tennessee and given the best female poser award as well.  Congratulations Amy!

In the open men division lightweight (under 165) there were four. 4th place went to Derrek Middleton, Cawood, KY, 3rd place was presented to Phillip Snapp, Powell, TN, 2nd place was claimed by teenage sensation, Clayton Hardin, Johnson City, TN and the winner was Antioch, TN’s Aaron Heidebreight who also went onto win the male best poser award.  Aaron shows a lot of potential and promise in the Natural Physique Association’s ranks. 

In the middleweight (165 to under 185) there was 5th place finisher, Bill Martin, Bristol, TN, 4th place was given to Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC, 3rd place was awarded to Jonathan Darling, Johnson City, TN, 2nd place was captured by David Osborne, who won the 50+ men division, and the winner was 1st James Hughes, Knoxville, TN.

In the light heavyweight (185 to under 200) there were only two. 2nd place finisher David Russell, Norcross, GA had plenty of size and with a little more calorie control he’ll discover some muscles he never knew were there. 1st place Justin Clark, Knoxville, TN won the class and this set the stage for the one lonely heavyweight (200+) which was Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD.

  When the posedown took place amongst the four class winners and all the smoke cleared James Hughes was clearly the man.  He was unanimous and now we await Mr. Hughes to go after a National title in which we hope to see him compete in September for his Pro eligibility.  

Amy Beach and Scott Brady teamed up and won the couples and entertained the crowd. They did a great routine using the music to the “pink panther’ theme. Congratulations go out to them both.

The show was well represented and supported by the fans, families and friends.  Special thanks also go out to: Head Judge; JW Hicks, Judges; Sherry Broome’, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Arlessa Gray, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Troy Crawley, Chief Secretary/ Statistician;  Stephen Kitchen Soundman; Danny Wright, Expediter; Cynithia Reid & Melissa, Rochelle Silas, Jessica Leninski, Tony Shaffer, Jake Doran, Haleigh Henderson, and test judge Venus Glover and Civic auditorium administration and Melissa Minton- Shaffer.  Until next year train hard Tennessee and stay focus, we will be back!/Harry E. Silas

More Pictures can be viewed on


Ms. NPA Tennessee Figure Overall Champion; Traci Moore Heavyweight Champ; Sherman Newton vs. Lt. Heavy Dave Russell & Lt.HW Champion; Justin Clark Ms. NPA Tennessee; Amy Beach