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Results: The 2011 Mr. /Ms. North Carolina Bodybuilding Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
Paramount Theater
128 Front Street, Burlington NC 27215
Sponsor: Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.
July 16, 2011
Bikini (Under 5’5” Short:
Marissa Schiwitz, Chester, VA

                                                                      Bikini (5’5” (+) Tall: Megan Taylor, Burlington, NC
                                                                            Bikini Overall Champion: Megan Taylor 
                                                                 Figure Masters (40+): Patricia Houchin, Patrick Springs, VA
                                                                            Figure Masters Champion: Patricia Houchin

                                                                         Figure (Under 5’ 5”): January Severini, Raleigh, NC  
                                                                       Figure (5’5” (+): Patricia Houchin, Patrick Springs, VA
                                                                              Figure Overall Champion: January Severini
                                                                                     Overall Teenage Champion: Tyler Goins, Connelly Springs, VA
                                                                     Novice Lightweight (Under 175): David Mondragon, Cary, NC
                                                                     Novice Heavyweight: (175 (+): Justin Shaw, Douglasville, GA
                                                                                                    Overall Novice Champion:  David Mondragon 

                                                                            Masters (50+): Bobby Brandenburg, Fayetteville, NC
                                                                            Masters (40-49): Kestutis Macilius, Holly Springs, NC
                                                                            Masters (35-39):  Charles McRant, Greensboro, NC
                                                                                                  Overall Masters Champion:  Kestutis Macilius

                                                                                               Female Masters (40+): Venus Glover, Richmond, VA
                                                                               Overall Female Masters Champion: Venus Glover

                                                                                              Female Lightweight: Shirley Minter-Smith, Raleigh, NC
                                                                             Female Heavyweight:  Venus Glover, Richmond, VA             
                                                                                      Overall Female Champion: Venus Glover
                                                                                              Best Female Poser:  Venus Glover

                                                                                                  Male Lightweight Champion: Elliot Grout, Creedmoor, NC
                                                                         Male Middleweight Champion: Charles McRant, Greensboro, NC
                                                                                          Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Michael Flood, Hillsborough, NC
                                                                                                    Male Heavyweight Champion: John Cole, Lisbon, OH
                                                                                                                        Overall Male Champion: John Cole
                                                                                                  Best Male Poser: Kestutis Maciulis 

                                             Congratulations go out to these 2011 NPA National qualified and State champions!

Other Participants were:  
Jessica Wagoner, Greenville NC, Kendra Bryant, Greensboro NC, Ken Herndon, Eastover NC, Scott Brady, Spartanburg SC, Myron Holmes, Durham NC, Brandon Edmondson, Knightdale NC, Curtis Walker, Fayetteville NC and Rod Massey, Greensboro NC.


2011 Ms. North Carolina Overall Champ Bikini; Megan Taylor 2011 Ms. North Carolina Bikini (Under 5'5) Marissa Schiwitz 2011 Ms. North Carolina Figure Overall Champ; January Severini


Highlights from the contest:
                                2011 Mr. /Ms. North Carolina Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
   16 July 2011/Saturday
Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC 27215

This year Mr. / Ms. North Carolina marked the 6th season under the NPA’s flag.  Twenty six athletes signed up to make this contest a great success.  Crossovers added 17 more to the competition, total 43.   The athletes were in superb condition and looked collectively as good as any Mr. /Ms. North Carolina contest previously held by the NPA in the state of North Carolina.  The fans, families and friends which generally make up the audience came out and supported their favorites. 

 We did extend the prejudging an extra 30 minutes to allow an athlete with the approval of the other contestants the right to compete due to tardiness.  Once it began everything ran as schedule and really smooth.  The officials upon completion enjoyed their meal at Golden Corral.

The finals started on time at 6 pm and upon the conclusion of the National Anthem, newly added bikini competition started the event.  New comer Marissa Schiwitz, Chester VA was the first athlete to enter on stage. Because this was her first show she was very nervous but did a fine job.  Her coach was NPA pro, Toni Johnson. She would win this class uncontested. In the tall class over 5’5” (+) there were two. 2nd place was Jessica Wagoner, Greenville NC and the winner of the class was Megan Taylor, Burlington NC. When Schiwitz and Taylor met for the overall Ms. North Carolina bikini title the decision was clearly Taylor. This opened the door for the male teenage bodybuilders which highlighted two.  Fifteen (15) year old Skylar Smith, Roxboro, NC placed 2nd.  Nineteen (19) year old Tyler Goins, Connelly Springs, VA got 4 of the 5 judges’ votes and won the class and the overall teenage Mr. North Carolina.

 This lead to the Masters Figure athletes where there was only one and first-timer Patricia Houchin, Patrick Springs, VA, who did not have a problem with that.  She won her class uncontested and went on to be crowned the overall Ms. North Carolina Masters Figure Champion 2011. 

In the open figure under 5’5” (short) 2nd place was earned by Kendra Bryant, Greensboro, NC and the class was won with a unanimous decision by January Severini, Raleigh, NC.  To Patricia Houchin credit she crossed over into the open tall class; 5’5” (+) where again she was uncontested. When Severini and Houchin met in the overall, Severini had a perfect score by the judges for the win.

In the men’s Novice lightweight (under 175) crossover Tyler Goins placed 3rd. Second place (2nd place) was earned by Brandon Edmundson, Knightdale, NC and the winner of the class David Mondragon, Cary, NC. In the novice heavyweight class (men over 175 lbs) there were two and a big mix up.  Justin Shaw, Douglas, GA approached me after the event and it wasn’t until I returned back to my office and headquarters in Colonial Heights, VA I finalized a full investigation that the statistician had entered the wrong score that involved contestant number 11 and 12; Rod Massey, Greensboro, NC.  At the event we announced Massey as the winner. However Shaw was the winner and Massey should have placed 2nd. This was an honest mistake and was not corrected at the contest. However we go on record and do the right thing and award Shaw the class title, refund of his entry fee,  a first place trophy and invite him entry free to an NPA amateur contest of his choice for calendar year 2012. This is the fair thing to do and the NPA apologizes for the mishap. This lesson is one that the organization will be very aware of in days to come.  When Mondragon met Massey for the overall decision Mondragon had a perfect score earning his Overall Novice title over Massey.    

The men masters’ division was presented next.  In the Masters (50+) there were four.  Clark Fischer, Winston-Salem, NC finished 4th and did receive two third place votes by the judges. Third place was consumed by Michael Flood, Hillsborough, NC, 2nd place would be 60 year old Ken Herndon, Eastover, NC. Ken did receive two first place votes and look as good as I’ve ever seen him look.  The winner of the class was a very tough Bobby Brandenburg, Fayetteville, NC.  The (40-49) division drew three (3) this year and in 3rd place was Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC who did receive two 2nd place votes.  However 2nd place was claimed by Robert David, Rockingham, NC and the winner of the class  and best poser was the very tough Kestutis Maciulis, Holly Springs, NC.  In the (35-39) division there were two. Myron Holmes, Durham, NC placed 2nd place, repeating his last year placement in this contest and the winner was the tough Charles McRant, Greensboro, NC. In the overall masters pose down between Brandenburg, Maciulis and McRant Maciulis was the much bigger man however it would be a tie breaker between he and McRant.  This was an excellent division of Master Champions.

 The master’s women presented two in the (40 (+),  Shirley Minton-Smith, Raleigh, NC  placed 2nd and the winner Venus Glover, Richmond, VA who would not only win the class but the division as well, to include the best female poser award.   In the open Ms. North Carolina Shirley Minton-Smith won the lightweight class (Under 115) and Venus Glover won the heavyweight (130+). When the two met in the overall Venus received 4 of the 5 votes from the judges for the women’s overall  and title of 2011 Ms. North Carolina. Venus came in this show smaller than in the Virginia. She was 131 pounds.  

The open men division was filled up with crossovers.  The lightweight (under 165): class was lead by six hungry athletes. 6th place belonged to Ken Herndon, 5th place went to Brandon Edmundson, 4th place was claimed by Bobby Brandenburg,  3rd place went to Curtis Walker, Fayetteville, NC, 2nd place was claimed by David Mondragon, and the winner was a very tough Elliot Grout , Creedmoor, NC whose no stranger to the NPA.
  In the Middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were three (3) athletes. Third place was awarded to Scott Brady, and 2nd place was claimed by Myron Holmes and the winner of the class was Charles McRant. 
In the Light heavyweights (185 to under 200) there were three this year unlike last year when we had none.  Third place was claimed by Rod Massey, 2nd place was Clark Fischer, and the winner of the class was Michael Flood. 
   In the Heavyweight class (200+):  four came in and they looked good. 4th place was taken by Robert David who was awarded 3rd due to Shaw not being present to accept the award. 3rd place went to Justin Shaw, 2nd place went to Kestutis Macilius and the winner or the class was big John Cole from Lisbon, OH. This athlete is the real deal and if he competes in the Nationals he’s going to be very difficult to beat. He has all the qualities to be a NPA pro athlete and because of his size he can win.
Congratulations to all the winners that made history and established standards that will set the stage for years to come. 

 I’d like to recognize Head Judge JW Hicks, who also won this contest in 2006 and his panel of Karen Romer, Randy “Big Ams” Batts, Arlessa Gray, Danny Wright, and Troy Crawley for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to my daughter Rochelle Silas, Cynithia Reid, Chill Will Lynch for his guest posing presentation and tribute to Shirley Minter-Smith who lost her 31 year old son to cancer, Lee Page, the NPA official back-up photographer, Michael Stewart, Dena Banks, Melissa Minton-Shaffer, Joy York, Harold Isley, Lynn Grose, Dave Wright and the Paramount Theater.  Until next year “keep on Pumpin”. / Harry E. Silas/NPA President




2011 Ms. North Carolina & Female Best Poser; Venus Glover 2011 Mr. Masters North Carolina and male best poser; Kestutis Maciulis 2011 Mr. North Carolina; Big John Cole