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Results: The 2011 Mr. /Ms. New York State Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure/ Bikini Championships
20 August 2011
Maguire Theater, Old Westbury, New York 11568
Promoter:  John Robinson & Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Teenage:  Dylan Sinnickson, Sands Point, NY
Overall Champion: Dylan Sinnickson 

Figure: 5’5” (under): Susan Apap, Brooklyn, NY
Overall Figure Champion: Susan Apap

Novice Lightweight: Matthews Antonelli, Deer Park, NY
Novice Heavyweight: James Antun, Jericho, NY
Overall Novice Champion: James Antun 

Jr. Men (20-22):  James Antun, Jericho, NY
Overall Jr. Champion:  James Antun

Masters (50+):  Robert Panetta, Queens, NY
Masters (40-49): Alvin Chu, Woodside, NY
Overall Masters Champion:  Alvin Chu

Female Masters (40+): Luralee Dowling-Page, Richmond, VA
Overall Masters Champion: Luralee Dowling-Page

Female Lightwth Champ: Luralee Dowling-Page, Richmond, VA
Overall Female Champion: Luralee Dowling-Page
Best Female Poser:  Luralee Dowling-Page

Male Lightweight Champion: Alvin Chu, Woodside, NY
Male Middleweight Champion: James Antun, Jericho, NY
Light heavyweight Champion:  Frank Sorrentino, Manhattan, NY
Heavyweight Champion:  Hamish Blake, Melbourne, Australia
Overall Male Champion: James Antun
Best Male Poser:  Mark Cruz, Brooklyn, NY

Congratulations go out to these 2011 National qualified champions! 

Other Participants were:  Ignatius Nam, Bayside NY, Mike Heffez, Brooklyn NY,
Patrick Hayes, Brick NJ, Delmar Montas, Port Washington, NY
and David Schwartz, Oceanside, NY.  




James Antun Mr. NPA New York 2011 Overall Champion Luralee Dowling-Page Ms. NPA New York Overall Champion Dylan Sinnickson 2011 Mr. NPA Teenage New York & Ignatius Nam


Highlights from the contest:
                                2011 Mr. /Ms. New York State Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
   20 August 2011, Saturday
Maguire Theater, Old Westbury, NY 11568

The first Mr. / Ms. New York State NPA competition was hosted after many doubts in the beginning, to include cancelling the first scheduled venue shortly after it was announced and posted on schedule.   Fifteen athletes signed up to make this contest a success.  Thanks to the crossovers we ended up with 27 slots and we certainly over the past years have performed with much less.  Promoter John Robinson did a fine job getting the venue prepared for the athletes and show. 

The athletes were in great condition and looked collectively as good as any competition that we have promoted this year thus far and they bought their fans, families and friends with them and this is what  makes up the audience in the Natural Physique Association world.

New York is a different kind of place and everything is rushed. The traffic was very challenging, the pace is extreme and the hospitality is not Southern.  The weather was not the best Friday night coming in and departure on Sunday. Never the less JW Hicks and Ron Smock-McCarthy drove the NPA’s van and Rochelle Silas drove the other car in which NPA ‘s President; Harry E. Silas rode in.   

 Everything started on time and the teenagers opened up the show.  There were two and taking 2nd place was Ignatius Nam, Bayside, NY and winning the class with a perfect score was Dylan Sinnickson, Sands Points, NY.  In the women open figure was Susan Apap, Brooklyn, NY who went uncontested for the class under 5’5” and Overall title.  Novice men, three (3) lightweights (under 175) represented the class. In 3rd place was Mike Heffez, Brooklyn, NY, 2nd place was awarded to Alvin Chu, Woodside, NY and the winner; 1st  place finisher was Matt Antonelli, Deer Park, NY.   

In the novice heavyweight class (men over 175 lbs) there were five. 5th place was earned by Hamish
 Blake; the Australian comedian from Melbourne, Australia.  4th place was awarded to Frank Sorrentino a ground zero employee from Manhattan, NY.  3rd place was awarded to Mark Cruz, Brooklyn, NY who also won the male best poser award.  2nd place was presented to Patrick Hayes, Brick, NJ and the winner with all first place votes but one was James Antun, Jericho, NY.  James was very prepared for this event and was very polished.

The next division was the men Jr. division and in 3rd place was Delmar Montas, Port Washington, NY, 2nd place was awarded to Matt Antonelli who crossed over and the winner was James Antun who dominated the novice division. 

The men masters’ division was presented next.  In the Masters (50+) there was only one and he was Robert Panetta, Queens NY.  The (40-49) division presented two exciting athletes.   2nd place was awarded to David Schwartz, Oceanside, NY and the winner of the division was Alvin Chu, Woodside, NY.  When Chu and Panetta met for the overall master’s title; Chu who was in superb condition unanimously beat Schwartz.    The master’s women presented one very excited lady who was happy to represent the division at 48 years young.   Luralee Dowling-Page, Richmond, VA made her debut and uncontestantly earned her first sanction titles.  She also crossed over into the women’s open and won the open under (115 class) title to include the overall Ms. New York, and the female best poser.  

 The open men division was filled up with crossovers.  The lightweight (under 165): class was represented by Alvin Chu, Woodside, NY and he earned another award. The men’s middleweight was the largest class of the day. The Middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were six (6) athletes.  Only the top 5 would be awarded. 6th place was claimed by David Schwartz, Oceanside, NY.  Fighting as hard as he could Mike Cruz, Brooklyn, NY and male best poser deserved 5th place. 4th place was awarded to Delmar Montas, Port Washington, NY who look really good and earning the bronze placement was Matt Antonelli, Deer Park, NY.  Patrick Hayes, Brick, NJ bought a good package and on any other day could have won this class.  A phenomenon of an athlete by the name of James Antun, Jericho NY was in superb condition and came to win this competition.  A Unanimous winner in the largest and best class of the competition according to what the judges placed on their score sheets.  There was one Light heavyweight  (185 to under 200), Frank Sorrentino, ground zero employee from Manhattan, NY.   In the Heavyweight class (200+):  Comedian Hamish Blake, Melbourne, Australia went uncontested and earned his heavyweight title.  When the four champs came together it was little doubt that James Antun clearly stood out over every male in this contest for the overall win.

Congratulations to all the winners that made history and established standards that will set the New York stage for years to come.  I’d like to recognize Head Judge JW Hicks and his panel of Valerie Foster-Mizzell, Daniel Moore, Toni Johnson, Arlessa Gray, and Ron Smock-McCarthy for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to  Rochelle Silas, Contest Administrator, John Robinson, NPA New York Chairman, Co Sponsor; Steve A. Panzik, CEO  of Power Ten Fitness Club, staff at the Maguire Theater,  Soundman, Matt, all the fans, families and friends of the athletes, and NPA’s official back up photographer; Lee Page.  Until next year “keep on Pumpin”. Harry E. Silas/NPA President




Mark Cruz; 2011 NPA New York male best poser Susan Apap; 2011 Ms.NPA Figure New York Champion Alvin Chu, 2011 Mr. Masters Overall New York State Champion