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Results: The 2011 Mr. /Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
9 April 2011
Virginia State University, Anderson-Turner, VSU, Virginia 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


                                   Bikini Masters (35-39):  Angela Rasch, Camden, NC
                                   Bikini Masters Champion:  Angela Rasch                                  

                                   Bikini (Under 5’5”) Short: Lauren Anne Kelsey, Bethesda, MD
                                   Bikini (5’5” (+) Tall:  Shanda Bailey, Hampton, VA
                                   Bikini Overall Champion: Lauren Anne Kelsey                                

                                    Figure Masters (40+): Susie Burgoyne, Camden, NC
                                    Figure Masters (35-39): Betty Napier, Ruther Glen, VA
                                    Figure Masters Champion: Betty Napier

                                    Figure (Under 5’ 5”) Short: Shelby Dworakowski, Gainesville, VA  
                                    Figure (5’5” (+)Tall:  Betty Napier, Ruther Glen, VA
                                    Figure Overall Champion: Betty Napier
                                    Jr. Overall Division Champion: Salby Salang, Chester, VA                                     

                                    Novice Lightweight: Salby Salang, Chester, VA
 Novice Heavyweight: Jonas McGaha, Lynchburg, VA
                                           Overall Novice Champion: Salby Salang

                                           Masters (50+):  Mark Williams, Ft. Union, VA
                                           Masters (40-49): Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield, VA
                                           Masters (35-39):  Correll Heard, Woodbridge, VA
                                           Overall Masters Champion:  Correll Heard

                                           Female Masters (40+): Venus Glover, Richmond, VA
                                           Overall Female Masters Champion: Venus Glover

                                           Female Lightweight: Shirley Minton-Smith, Raleigh, NC
                                           Female Middleweight: Tracy Davis, Springfield, VA
                                           Female Heavyweight: Neasia Quinones, Norfolk, VA 
                                    Overall Female Champion: Neasia Quinones
                                           Best Female Poser:  Neasia Quinones

                                           Male Lightweight Champion: Holden Walsh, Ashland, VA
                                           Male Middleweight Champion: Jonas McGaha, Lynchburg, VA
                                           Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Correll Heard, Woodbridge, VA
                                           Overall Male Champion: Correll Heard
                                            Best Male Poser:  Salby Salang, Chester, VA

              Congratulations go out to these 2011 National qualified and State champions!


              Other Participants were:  Paul Getty Hopewell, VA, Kayla Thomas, Hampton, VA,
               Crystal Monroe, Hampton, VA,  John Simmons, Gainesville, VA, Carol Wood, Manassas, VA, 
               Jennifer McIntrye, Ft. Lee, VA Nicole Migus, Lynchburg, VA, Brigitte Parma, Alexander, VA,
               Elizabeth Larsen, Alexander, VA and Jamel Kirklin, Ft. Lee, VA.

NPA Prez; Harry E. Silas/Mr. VA Correll Heard/NPA NY Chair; John Robinson 2011 Ms. Virginia; Neasia Quinones (The Champ) 2011 Ms. Figure VA; Betty Napier & runner up; Shelby Dworakowski


                                The inside scope of the 2011 NPA Virginia State Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/ Bikini Championships :  

April 9, 2011 the NPA opened its season with the Mr. /Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships. This contest in its 12th year was held at Virginia State
University’s Virginia Hall in the Anderson – Turner auditorium for a sixth consecutive year.  It was a great show, very successful one.  Twenty six great conditioned athletes
entertained their fans, friends and families with approximately (450) in the audience for prejudging and finals which made for a very good day!  Bikini made it very challenging
and I need to thank the athletes and their fans for the patience they displayed. Because we did not want to short change any athlete, prejudging did not start on time. However,
everyone was in place and conducting the business that was delegated to them.

The Bikini Masters opened the show with NPA’s first timer Angela Rasch, Elizabeth City, NC.  Angela who competed as a (35-39) category athlete dominated the division. Receiving
all first places by the judges except one, defeated Brigitte Parma, Alexander, VA.  Because we didn’t have any over 40(+) women she was also crowned the 2011 Masters overall
bikini state champion.  

In the women open bikini division (Under 5’5”) short class, Crystal Monroe , Hampton, Va placed 3rd by one point to Kayla Thomas, also of Hampton, Va and  the winner of the class
was Lauren Anne Kelsey, Bethesda, MD who also won by one single point over Kayla. Very close competition. In the (5’5”) tall class there were four (4). In 4th place was
Brigette Parma  a crossover from the masters, Angela Rasch, winner of the masters division and crossover placed 3rd, Nicole Migus, Lynchburg, Va finished 2nd by virtue of a tie
breaker, and the winner of the class was Shanda Bailey, Hampton, VA. When Lauren and Shanda went at it for the overall, Shanda received two first place votes and Lauren received
five, making her clearly the 2011 Ms. Bikini Virginia champion! Congratulations go out to Lauren.  
The figure contestants would be next up for review. In the masters 40+ figure, two athletes represented the class.  In 2nd place was Elizabeth Larsen, Alexander, VA who made a
bold effort against Susie Burgoyne, Camden, NC but Susie won the decision handily.  In the Masters (35-39) division there were two real gladiators and they both were awesome. Second
place finisher Shelby Dworakowski, Gainesville, VA looked magnificent and at least three of the judges thought she should have won.  In 1st place was the majority judge’s favorite, 4 of
the seven picked Betty Napier, Ruther Glen, VA. Betty also looked great and was very much prepared. When the overall came to a showdown, Betty and Susie Burgoyne vied for the
2011 Overall Masters Figure title. Betty walked away with a perfect score.   

In the women open figure (Under 5’5”) short class there were three and finishing 3rd was Capt. Jennifer McIntyre, Ft. Lee, VA who had the best music performance of round two. Second
place was Susie Burgoyne who crossed over from the masters. The winner was the beautiful Shelby Dworakowski with a perfect score of all ones.  In the (5’5”) tall class there was only one.
She was Betty Napier  who previously won the masters against every one previously mentioned in the masters. Your overall competition was Shelby and Betty once again who met earlier
in the Masters (35-39) division. Nothing  changed as Betty would be declared the overall winner once more and a one point difference between the two. I’d like to see both of these athletes
perform at the Pro level in the NPA.  

A new category of juniors were introduced this year. Two good looking athletes (20-22) took advantage of this opportunity. In 2nd place making a hard stance was Jonas McGaha,
Lynchburg, VA. The winner of the class and student from Durham, North Carolina was Salby Salang who wooed the audience and had all the girls screaming over him. He was also the males’
best poser of the contest. 

 In the men lightweight novice   these are men under (175) pound bodyweight; there was only one and he was Salby Salang who won uncontested.  In the heavyweight class there were three.
In 3rd place John Simmons, Gainesville, VA. Second place, earned by Paul Getty, Hopewell, Virginia and the winner of the class  Jonas McGaha who crossed over from the junior division.
The Overall Novice title, Salang and McGaha went for it.  Clearly Salang was the unanimous winner.    

The men masters started with the 50+ division, NPA second timer Mark Williams, Free Union, VA was the only fifty year old that came out today.  There were two pretty good looking athletes
in the (40-49) division. Second place was taken by John Simmons, Gainesville, VA and the winner of the class was Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield, VA.  In the men (35-39) division there was only
one and he was Correll Heard, Woodbridge, VA.  When Williams, Ali-Ber, and Heard met for the overall challenge; Heard was too strong for 2nd place finisher Mark Williams followed by Ali-Ber
for the overall masters posedown title. 

After the women in the audience got a chance to enjoy the traditional (women admiring men physiques) the guys would now enjoy 5 additional women bodybuilders perform in this years masters
40+ division.  Even though 2 divisions were offered in the women master’s division, only one division and four athletes represented the 40+.  In 4th place Carol Wood, Manassas, VA,
Shirley Minton-Smith, Raleigh, NC earned 3rd place, Tracy Davis, Springfield, VA capture 2nd place and 1st place went to Venus Glover, Richmond, VA as this was her very first show and title.
Because there was no challenge from a (35-39) athlete she would be presented with the overall title of Ms. Masters Virginia 2011.   

In the women open division three classes were offered. In the women lightweight class (under 115 lbs) crossover Shirley Minton-Smith won the class uncontested.  In the women middleweight
class (115 to under 130 lbs) 2nd place went to crossover Carol Wood, 1st place was awarded to crossover Tracy Davis. In the women heavyweight (130+) two athletes represented this class.
In second place was Masters Overall Champion; Venus Glover.  1st place in the women open heavyweight was Neasia Quinones, Norfolk, VA. Neasia was also the female best poser for the night
and enjoyed her new title as 2011 Ms. Virginia bodybuilding champion. Tracy Davis was runner –up, followed by Shirley Minton-Smith.

  The men open lightweight class started with two open lightweight contestants.  2nd place was awarded to crossover Hakeem Ali-Ber. The champion and winner of the class belonged to
Holden Walsh, Ashland VA, who earned a perfect score.  In the men middleweight class, crossover Jonas McGaha went uncontested.  In the light heavyweight class there were three.   
Third place went to NPA first timer Capt.  Jamel Kirklin, Ft. Lee, VA 2nd place was awarded to Paul Getty, Hopewell, VA and the winner was Correll Heard who previously won the overall
masters title. Correll Heard was crowned the 12th Mr. NPA Virginia.  He was in great conditioned and presented the most muscle of any athlete in the show even though some thought
Salby Salang would of given him a run for the title as I believe so too.  There were no heavyweight contenders!   

The audience of about 450 + spectators enjoyed the show. The NPA would like to take the time to thank all the athletes, fans, families and friends that made the show possible; especially
Shaun Moore and his athletes.  Stacy England;  Ms. NPA Pro Champion 2010 and her family for guest performance.  The officials lead by Head Judge JW Hicks, Arlessa Gray, Kerry Barnard,
Karen Romer, Daniel Wright, Troy Crawley, Ron-Smock-McCarthy, Stephan Kitchen,  Michael Stewart, Rochelle Silas, Minnie Nolan, Lonnie Young, Lee Page, Leanne Dowling, Robert House,
Ronke Patterson, Robert Thomas test judges, Dena Banks, Melissa Minton-Shaffer, Ephraim Mosley, brother John Robinson, Yourdonus James and anybody else we failed to mention. 
Again thank you all the show would not of been a success without you all and the patience that you displayed. Until next year’s 2012 Virginia, the NPA signs off. /NPA President, Harry E. Silas


Kayla Thomas, 2011 Ms. Bikini VA: Lauren Anne Kelsey, Crystal Monroe Carol Wood, Tracy Davis, Ms. 2011 Masters Virginia; Venus Glover, Shirley Minter-Smith Jonas McGaha, Middleweight Champ vs. 2011 Novice & Jr. Mr. Virginia; Salby Salang