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Results: The 2011 NPA Natural USA BodybuildingFitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
10 September 2011
Henrico Theater, Highland Springs, Virginia 23075
Sponsor:  NPA-Bodybuilding-USA
JW Hicks and Ron Smock-McCarthy

Bikini: 5’to under 5’5: Traci Campbell, Appomattox, VA
Overall Bikini Champion:  Traci Campbell

Figure:  5’2” to under 5’5”:  Jane Carter, Appomattox, VA
Overall Figure Champion: Jane Carter

Middleweight Champion: Meredith Loving, Richmond, VA
Heavyweight  Champion: Freda Cothran, Spout Springs, VA
Overall Female Champion:  Freda Cothran
Best Female Poser: Freda Cothran 

Lightweight Champion: Lance Golden, Raleigh, NC
Middleweight Champion: Myron Holmes, Durham, NC
Lt. Heavyweight l Champion:  Correll Heard, Woodbridge, VA
Heavyweight Champion:  Adam Minter, Lynchburg, VA
Overall Champion: Correll Heard
Best Male Poser:  Dr. Todd Berry, Richmond, VA

Congratulations go to these 2011 Pro Qualified athletes!

Other Participants are: Tony Yeatts, Evington VA, Austin Thompson, Lynchburg VA, David Smith, Hamlet, NC, Clark Fischer, West Jefferson NC, J.D. Myers II, Potomac MD, and  Matthew Tompkins, Disputanta VA,






2011 Ms. NPA Natural USA; Jane Carter Ms. NPA Natural USA; Freda Cothran 2011 Mr. NPA Natural USA; Correll Heard


Results: The 2011 NPA Natural USA BodybuildingFitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
10 September 2011
Henrico Theater, Highland Springs, Virginia 23075
Sponsor:  NPA-Bodybuilding-USA
JW Hicks and Ron Smock-McCarthy


Masters Bikini (40-49): Traci Campbell, Appomattox, VA
Overall Masters Champion:  Traci Campbell

Masters Figure (40-49): Jane Carter, Appomattox, VA
Overall Masters Figure:  Jane Carter 

Masters Champion (60-69): Kennis Sigmon, Norfolk, VA
  Masters Champion (50-59): J.D. Meyers II, Potomac, MD
   Masters Champion (40-49): Gary Waterman, Lynchburg, VA
Overall Masters Champion: Gary Waterman

 Women Mast Champ (50+):Freda Cothran, Spout Spring, VA
Women Overall Masters Champion:  Freda Cothran



Congratulations go out to these 2011 Pro Qualified athletes!


Other participants were:  Clark Fischer, West Jefferson, NC, Mark Williams, Free Union, VA, Cedric Perry, Rocky Mount, NC, and Van Spell, Raleigh, NC






2011 NPA Natural USA Heavyweight Champ; Adam Minter 2011 NPA Natural USA Masters Champ; Gary Waterman 2011 NPA Natural USA Ms. Bikini Champ; Traci Campbell


The 2011 NPA Natural USA Results

          10 September 2011

Highlights from the contest:
2011 NPA Natural USA
Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships

Henrico Theater
Highland Springs, VA 23075
Promoters; NPA-Bodybuilding-USA
Ron Smock-McCarthy & JW Hicks

This year’s NPA Natural USA Championships marked the 11th season for the organization. Twenty (20) athletes came out from various
parts of the United States bringing their families, fans, and friends to support them. The turn out was good and the talent was just as
good. Prejudging started at 1 pm, on time as scheduled.
The show started off with the newly added bikini competition with Traci Campbell, Appomattox Virginia who went uncontested. She
looked really good and it’s not her fault that others chose not take advantage of such a good opportunity. Traci competed in the
Masters (40-49) division as well as the open and claimed both titles. She also became the first eligible bikini pro qualified NPA athlete.

The women figure competition mirrored the bikini competition with Jane Carter also from Appomattox, Virginia representing the
women Masters (40-49) division and the 5’2” to under 5’5” class, medium; taking the title and earning the right for her name to be
added to the Pro eligibility list. She looked great and will become a force in the Pro division if she continues.

 This year, there wasn’t any (70+) athletes but it was one (60-69) named Kennis Sigmon, Norfolk Virginia who came in to win this
division this year.  He looked good and earned his Pro eligibility. In the (50-59) there five (5) and they all had the same thought and
that was to win. In 5th place attorney and last year’s athlete of the year was Clark Fischer, West Jefferson North Carolina. 4th Place was
taken by Mark Williams, Free Union Virginia, 3rd place went to attorney Cedric Perry, Rocky Mount North Carolina who really made a positive
transformation of his physique this year. 2nd place was claimed by Van Spell, Raleigh North Carolina. The winner of the division went to
JD Myers II, Potomac, Maryland.  The next division (40-49) only one represented and that was Gary Waterman, Lynchburg Virginia and a
police officer who was well prepared for this event. The judges made it very clear who they thought the winner was when Waterman, Myers,
and Sigmon competed for the overall Masters title.

In the women masters there was only one. She was complete and had size and the judges felt if she gets a little harder she will be the new
dominating force in women bodybuilding for the NPA; Freda Cothran, Spout Springs Virginia. Meredith Loving represented the middleweight
class (115 to under 130 lbs) and went uncontested. Freda represented the open women heavyweight division. Freda went uncontested and
when her and Meredith went at it for the overall title, Freda won every thing the NPA had to offer to include best poser. Look out
Stacy England and the rest of the NPA women pro bodybuilders, here comes Freda.

 The men open lightweight (under 165): class was lead by Lance Golden, Lynchburg Virginia who beat 2nd place Tony Yeatts, Evington, Virginia
by one point.  In the men open middleweight class (165 to under 185): there were four.  David Smith, Hamlet North Carolina placed 4th, followed
by 3rd place finisher; Austin Thompson, Lynchburg Virginia, then 2nd place Dr. Todd Berry, Richmond Virginia and male best poser, and the winner
of the class was Myron Holmes, Durham North Carolina. Holmes looked good and received 4 first place votes from the seven panel of judges.
The men open light heavyweight class (185 to under 200): was represented by four good looking athletes. 4th place finisher was Clark Fischer,
W Jefferson North Carolina, 3rd place was captured by Matthew Tompkins, Disputanta Virginia, 2nd place was JD Myers II and the winner of the
class was this years’ Mr. Virginia S Correll Heard. Heard looked better than he did when he won the state title in April of this year.
In the men open Heavyweight class (200+): There was only one and that was Adam Minter, Lynchburg Virginia. Adam is improving and it won’t
be long before this big fellow becomes a serious threat.  When the class winners came together Heard dominated Holmes, Golden, and Minter.
  At the end of the day Heard was crowned the overall male; NPA Natural USA Champion. Heard informed me that the NPA Pro Classic is next on
his agenda.

We’d like to thank NPA Pro bodybuilder; Head Judge Danny Wright, and his panel of judges and officials; Sherry Broome’, Troy Crawley, Arlessa
Gray, Kerry Bernard, Dena Banks, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Toni Johnson, for their hard work and dedication. Also special thanks go out to
Rochelle Silas, promoters JW Hicks, Ron Smock-McCarthy, Robert Thomas, Heather and Kevin Garrett, Ethel Melton, Linda Sullivan, and Herman
Hicks. Until next time “keep on Pumpin”. / Harry E. Silas/NPA President