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2011 NPA Tri-Cities

Results: The 2011 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional” Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships
3 December 2011
Middle School, Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

Bikini  (5’5” Tall):  Lora Anderson, Newport News, VA
Overall Bikini Champion: Lora Anderson

Masters Figure (40+): Nicole Carrasco, Chesterfield, VA
Masters Figure (35-39): Renea Jones-Hudson, Chester, VA
Overall Masters Figure Champion: Nicole Carrasco

Figure:  Under 5’5” (Short): Justina Threadwell, Richmond, VA
Figure: 5’5”(+) (Tall): Lora Anderson, Newport News, VA
Overall Figure Champion: Justina Threadwell

Teenage Champion: (13-16): Skylar Smith, Roxboro, NC
Teenage Champion: (17-19):  Miles Bennett, Hopewell, VA
Overall Teenage Champion: Miles Bennett

Novice Lightweight: LaJchon Gordon, Chester, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Rene Harry, Woodbridge, VA
Overall Novice Champion: LaJchon Gordon

Masters (50+): J.D. Myers II, Potomac, MD
Masters (40-49): Greg Poythress, Greenville, NC
Masters (35-39): Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD
Overall Masters Champion: Sherman Newton

Masters Female (40+):
  Carolyn Concia, Cary, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Carolyn Concia

Female Middleweight Champion: Carolyn Concia, Cary, NC
Heavyweight Champion:  Atiya McNair, Colonial Heights, VA
Overall Female Champion: Carolyn Concia
Best Female Poser:  Atiya McNair

Male Lightweight Champion:
LaJchon Gordon, Chester, VA
Male Middleweight Champion: Alex Fulbright, Johnson City, TN
Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD
Heavyweight Champion: Rene Harry, Woodbridge, VA
 Overall Male Champion: Sherman Newton
Best Male Poser: Dustin Ferris, Duluth, GA

Congratulations go out to these 2011 National qualified champions!

Other Participants were:  Tim Rose, Rocky Mt., NC, Kris Nugent, Richmond VA, Hakeem  Ali-Ber, Chesterfield VA, Rhonda Quiring, Lorton VA, Paul Yang, Raleigh NC, Jarod Lee Stapleton, Eastover NC, Scott Brady, Spartanburg SC, Holden Walsh, Ashland VA,  Cedric Perry, Rocky Mt.NC, Shawn Snyder, Troy VA, and Calvin McIntyre Jr. (KK).


2011 Mr. Tri-Cities Sherman Newton - Stephan Kitchen, Harry E. Silas 2011 Ms. Tri-Cities Open/Masters Champion; Carolyn Concia 2011 Mr. Tri-Cities Overall Novice Champion; LaJchon Gordon


The inside scope of the 2011 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional”  Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships

December 3, 2011 the NPA last show of the season was full of liveliness and spirit. There were twenty - eight  (28) athletes and many crossovers that made the show much larger.  The Colonial Heights “fully accredited” Middle School provided a comfortable site for the athletes, families and fans. The lighting was much better this year than last.  The weather was good.  The show was a one session event (live judged). The audience got an opportunity to witness the stages of  becoming a Mr. /Ms. Tri-Cities.

We started with the National Anthem and then promoted Sherry Broome’ to head judge and presented newly Ephraim Mosley and Venus Glover with their judging certifications. The show got underway about 6:30 pm.  It was approximately 11:30 pm by the time we loaded our last piece of equipment and exited the venue.  The athletes were in great condition and entertained their families, fans, and friends commendably. 

NPA Pro athlete Dena Banks was in attendance and was on the judging panel this year. She was awarded her certification in October and asked to officiate this contest. Bench Press Champion; Chill Wil Lynch from the state of North Carolina presented a nice guest pose performance.  2011 NPA top Pro bodybuilder Jerry Garner also performed with a special guest pose and appearance.  There were over 350 spectators who supported this event, the last show of the season.

Again the show was live-judged and opened with a bikini athlete who was in the tall open class by the name of Lora Anderson, Newport News, VA. Lora contacted me a while ago expressing an interest in competition.  She ordered the NPA constitution & rule book to help prepare her for competition.  She went uncontested and she would be recognized as the class and overall 2011 Ms. Tri-Cities Bikini champion.

 The NPA Master’s Figure forty female division 40 (+) came on next. What beautiful women to open up an event.  The fans appreciated their effort.  Two women represented the group and in 2nd place was Kris Nugent, Richmond, VA and was a third place finisher last year in this same class.  The winner of the class this year was the beautiful Nicole Carrasco, Chesterfield, VA. There was only one in the 35-39 division, Renea Jones-Hudson, Chester, VA, an army lieutenant.  When Carrasco and Jones-Hudson met in the overall it was a one point decision between the two. The decision went to overall winner; Nicole Carrasco.    

In the women open figure we had some crossovers. In the short class, athletes under 5’5” (short): there were four athletes, 4th place went to Rhonda Quiring, Lorton, VA who placed third in this competition last year.  Third place went to Renea Jones-Hudson, Chester, VA. Second place was claimed by Nicole Carrasco, Chesterfield, VA and the champion of the class was the beautiful Justina Threadgill, Richmond, VA.

 In the tall class 5’5” (+) there were only one. She was bikini crossover and champion; Lora Anderson, Newport News,VA.  When Threadgill and Anderson squared off for the overall title Threadgill was declared the overall winner by six (6) of the  seven(7) judges. 

The teenage division was separated into two divisions.  In the 13-16 division one athlete represented the class, Skylar Smith, Roxboro, NC and he looked good and was prepared for the show. In the 17-19 division there were four (4). In 4th place, Jarod Stapleton, Eastover, NC;  3rd place was Calvin McIntyre Jr., Chester, VA, 2nd place was Josh Doughty, Clayton, NC and the winner of the class was Miles Bennett, Hopewell, VA.  When Smith and Bennett met in the overall Bennett unanimously won the decision by all 7 judges.

In the men’s lightweight novice (under 175lbs) there were seven and in 7th place was teenage and crossover Calvin McIntyre, Chester, VA; 6th place went to Brandon Edmundson, Knightdale NC; 5th place was presented to Dustin Ferris, Duluth GA; 4th place was awarded to Paul Yang, Raleigh NC; 3rd place was captured by Shawn Snyder, Troy VA; 2nd place was newcomer; Alex Fulbright, Johnson City, TN and placing first was  another newcomer, LaJchon Gordon, Chester VA. 

In the 175 (+) heavyweight novice class there were four athletes. Fourth place was taken by teenage Miles Bennett, Hopewell, VA; 3rd place went to Greg Poythress, Greenville, NC who came in a little heavier than last year. Second place was awarded to Cedric Perry, Rocky Mt., NC and the winner of the class was 7 ft. tall and newcomer Rene Harry, Woodbridge, VA.  In the overall posedown between Harry and Gordon it was clear cut, with 6 of the 7 judges, Gordon dominated the win.   

In the Masters men (50 +) there were two; 2nd  place finisher was Cedric Perry of Rocky Mount, NC who placed 4th in this show last year. First place was earned by Pro qualified athlete, JD Myers II, Potomac, MD.  In the 40-49 there were three with 3rd place being awarded to Scott Brady, 2011 NPA Iron Man of the year, Spartanburg, SC.  Second place was awarded to Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield, VA, and the winner of the class was Greg Poythress, Greenville, NC. In the 35-39 division there were four. Fourth place was awarded to Tim Rose, Rocky Mt., NC; 3rd place was awarded to Rene Harry, Woodbridge, VA, 2nd place; went to LaJchon Gordon, Chester, VA and the winner was Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD. This was his best look so far.  When the three division winners came together for the overall Masters title Sherman would be the winner.  

In the women masters 40+ there was only one contestant. She was from Chil Will’s camp; Carolyn Concia, Cary, NC who represented the division very well. She was crowned the overall masters women champion.   

In the women open division, there were two. Carolyn Concia represented the middleweight class (115 to under 130) uncontested, won the class.  In the women heavyweight class 130 +; Atiya McNair, Colonial Hts., VA and a SFC in the United States Army uncontested won the class. The overall open women title unanimously was awarded to Carolyn Concia and Atiya McNair earned the contest best female poser.

In the open men division lightweight (under 165), the largest class of the night was represented by eight athletes. In 8th place was Hakeem Ali-Ber, Chesterfield, VA; 7th place was awarded to Brandon Edmundson, Knightdale, NC; 6th place went to Holden Walsh, Ashland, VA; 5th place went to Dustin Ferris, Duluth, GA. Dustin also was awarded with the best poser award. Fourth place was awarded to Paul Yang, Raleigh, NC; 3rd place went to Tim Rose, Rocky Mt., NC; 2nd place went to Shawn Snyder, Troy, VA. The winner of the class was novice winner LaJchon Gordon, Chester, VA. In the men’s middleweight (165 to under 185) there were only two. Second place finisher Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC; 1st place Alex Fulbright, Johnson City, TN was the winner.  In the light heavyweight (185 to under 200) there were three.  Third place went to, Miles Bennett, Hopewell, VA; 2nd place would be JD Myers II, Potomac, MD, and in first place was Sherman Newton, Baltimore, MD.  The one lone heavyweight (200+) belonged to Rene Harry, Woodbridge, VA.  When the posedown took place amongst the four class winners and all the smoke cleared, Sherman Newton was clearly the man.  He was unanimous and now it’s rest time for all of the NPA athletes as the season comes to a close.

The show was very well represented and supported by the fans, families and friends. This time they came from Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.  Also special recognition goes out to our New York State chairman; John Robinson who came down from New York and assisted with the show.

 Special thanks also go out to: Head Judge, Sherry Broome’ (first assignment as head judge) and Judges: Troy Crawley, Arlessa Gray, Stephan Kitchen, Venus Glover, Ephraim Mosley, Dena Banks, and Ron Smock-McCarthy. Statistician; JW Hicks, Soundmen; Danny Wright and Kevin Garrett,  Expediters; Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Cynithia Reid, and Lee Page.  Contest Administrators Michael Stewart, Luralee Dowling-Page, Treasurer, Rochelle Silas, test judges; Heather Garrett and Matt Marshall, Robert Thomas, the Colonial Heights Middle School administration and Mrs. Tanya Ruffin. Until next year; peace/Harry E. Silas, NPA President.

Pictures can be viewed on
links/photo flex/NPA 2011 Tri-Cities “Regional”




2011 Ms Tri-Cities overall Bikini; Lora Anderson 2011 Mr. Teenage Tri-Cities; Miles Bennett 2011 NPA Tri-Cities Figure beauties: Rhonda, Nicole, Justina & Renea