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Results: The 2012 Mr. /Ms. Tennessee Bodybuilding
Fitness & Figure/ Bikini Championships
2 June 2012
Civic Auditorium, Kingsport, Tennessee 37664
Promoter:Melissa Minton-Shaffer & Si-FlexPhysiqueClub Inc.


Teenage Men:  Nathaniel Trundy, Boone, NC

Jr. (20-22) Juniors:  Wesley Bennett, Spartanburg, SC

Novice Lightweight: Jason Hill, Spartanburg, SC
Novice Heavyweight: Nathaniel Trundy, Boone, NC
Overall Novice Nathaniel Trundy

Bikini 5’5” (Tall):  Keisha Wilson, Johnson City, TN
Overall Bikini Champion:  Keisha Wilson

Masters Figure (40+):  Paige Hagar, Mt. Juliet, TN
Masters Overall Figure Champion: Paige Hagar

Figure Under5’5”(Short):Ventana Wright-Abierta,Kingport, TN
Figure 5’ 5” (Tall):  Paige Hagar, Mt. Juliet, TN
Overall Figure Champion: Paige Hagar

Masters (50+):  William Osborne, Johnson City, TN
Masters (40-49): Alex Fulbright, Johnson City, TN
Masters (35-39): Paul Dziduch, Mt. Juliet, TN
Overall Masters Champion:  Paul Dziduch

Male Lightweight Champion:Jason Fegyak,Johnson City,TN
Male Middleweight Champion: Paul Dziduch, Mt. Juliet, TN
Heavyweight Champion: Nathaniel Trundy, Boone, NC
Overall Male Champion: Nathaniel Trundy
Best Male Poser: Jason Hill, Spartanburg, SC


Congratulations go out to these 2012 National qualified champions!


Other Participants were:  Scott Brady, Spartanburg, SC,  Wesley Bennett, Spartanburg, SC, Clarence Bugg, South Hill, VA, and Patty Weiss, Knoxville, TN.