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The following Athletes are authorized to compete as NPA Pro athletes

 for the year 2014!

Attention to all NPA Pro Athletes with Indefinite status

Renewal for your annual NPA Pro Card are due!



NPA Officials Pro/Fall Classic (11/2/13 2011 NPA Pro Athlete of the year: Jerry Garner NPA Pro Six; Edwards, Heard, Wright, Herring, Godsey and Garner

  All NPA Pro Athletes with (Indefinite Status) who did not compete in the year 2013 will receive a 
renewal letter in the mail requesting payment for Pro Card sanction fees.
The NPA Pro shows will be held June 21st and November 1, 2014. Cost of Pro NPA card is
still $50.

NPA President, Harry E. Silas.


NPA (2014)  Male Pro Qualified Athletes  

        1. Daniel Q. Wright, S.Chesterfield, Virginia                                                    (NPA Pro USA) (6/21/14)
  2. Jerry Garner, Burlington, North Carolina                                                            (Indefinite/Pro Status)
   3. Darryl Murphy, Eden, North Carolina                                                                 (Indefinite/Pro Status)
    4. Cedric Perry, Rocky Mount, North Carolina                                                        (Indefinite/Pro Status)
     5. Irving "Hercules" Peoples, Chesterfield, Virginia                                                  (Indefinite/Pro Status)
      6. Davis Ainsley, Mechanicsville, Virginia                                                               (Indefinite/Pro Status)
       7. Lance Golden, Lynchburg, Virginia                                                                     (Indefinite/Pro Status)
         8. Josh Swygart, Cary, North Carolina                                                                    (Indefinite/ Pro Status)
John Lankford, Spartanburg, South Carolina                                     (expires 2014)
10.  Stacy Jones, Spartanburg, South Carolina                                     (expires 2014)
11.  Robert Davis, Spartanburg, South Carolina                                    (expires 2014)
12.  Joel Brown, Bowie, Maryland                                                        (expires 2014)
13.  Robert David Sr., Hamlet, North Carolina                                       (expires 2014)
14.  Kennis Sigmon, Norfolk, Virginia                                                   (expires 2014)
15.  Gary Waterman, Lynchburg, Virginia                                              (expires 2014)
16.  Adam Minter, Lynchburg, Virginia                                                  (expires 2014)
17.  James Cothran, Charlottesville, Virginia                                         (expires 2015)
18.  Fred Clemmons, Windsor, Virginia                                                 (expires 2015)
19.  Rodney Gaines, Chester, Virginia                                                   (expires 2015)
20.  JD Myers II, Potomac, Maryland                                                    (expires 2015)
21.  Charles McRant, Greensboro, North Carolina                                   (expires 2015)
22.  Mark Williams, Free Union, Virginia                                                (expires 2015)
23.  Ken Howard, Chesapeake, Virginia                                                 (expires 2016)
24.  Jonathan Stump, Lynchburg, Virginia                                             (expires 2016)
25.  Charles Wade, Newport News, Virginia                                           (expires 2016)
26.  Ken Herndon, Eastover, North Carolina                                           (expires 2016)
27.  Jerry Martín, Winston-Salem, North Carolina                                   (expires 2016)
    28.  Miles Baker- West Point, Virginia                                                   (expires 2016)   



                                                                                                                   NPA Female (2014) Pro Bodybuilding Athletes:                                                                                                           

      1. Sonja Agaia, Burlington, North Carolina              (Indefinite/Pro Status) 
   2. Shirley D. Minter-Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina        (Indefinite/Pro Status)
   3. LaToynia Ransom-Harvey, Newington, Virginia           (Indefinite/Pro Status)
           4. Ka
ren Romer, Midlothian, Virginia                   (Indefinite/Pro Status) 
         5. Venus Glover, Richmond, Virginia                   (Indefinite/Pro Status)
           6. Lesa McCoy, Virginia Beach, Virginia               (Indefinite/Pro Status)
           7.Toni A. Johnson, Petersburg, Virginia               (Indefinite/Pro Status)
                        8. Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, North Carolina          (Indefinite/Pro Status)            
  9. Meredith Loving, Richmond, Virginia                 (expires 2014)
10. Ne-Asia Allah, Bronx, New York                      (expires 2016)
                11. Arlessa Gray, Henrico, Virginia    (Indefinite/Pro Status)NPA Pro USA(6/21/14)



 NPA (2014) Pro Figure Athletes 

           1.  Dena Banks, Chesterfield, Virginia                (Indefinite/Pro Status) 
      2.  Amy Morris, Tarboro, North Carolina                 (Indefinite/Pro Status)
        3.  Margaretta Watkins, Disputanta, Virginia           (Indefinite/Pro Status)
         4.  Andi Grant, New Bern, North Carolina                (Indefinite/Pro Status)
          5.  Linda Krasnansky, Raleigh, North Carolina         (Indefinite/Pro Status)
 6.  Heidi Lassiter, Wake Forest, North Carolina        (expires 2014)
7.  Melvette Alston, Portsmouth, Virginia                  (expires 2015)
                                                    8. Betty Napier, Ruther Glen, Virginia               (Indefinite/ Pro Status) (NPA Pro USA) (6/21/14)
   9. Lona Jackson, Madison Heights, Virginia             (expires 2015)
              10  Anjanette Stehlgens, Henrico, Virginia                  (Indefinte/Pro Status)



NPA (2014) Pro Bikini Athletes  
1. Kelly Pettaway, Petersburg, Virginia                      (Indefinite/Pro Status) 
        2. Justina Threadgill, N Chesterfield, Virginia              (Indefinite/Pro Status)
        3. Amanda Rosbicki, Disputanta, Virginia                  (Indefinite/Pro Status)
         4. Melessa McKay, Prince George, Virginia               (Indefinite/Pro Status)
5. Traci Campbell, Appomattox, Virginia                     (expires 2014)
 6.  Karen Gordon, Chester, Virgini                            (expires 2015)
                                                       7. Taylor Duff, King William, Virginia                  (Indefinite/Pro Status) (NPA Pro USA) (6/21/14)
8. Christine Wierzbinski, Richmond, Indiana               (expires 2016)
          9. Britney Lewis, Sandston, Virginia                          (expires 2016)         





The Champ Lesa McCoy 2011 NPA Pro Figure Champions; Dena, Vachon, Jane,& Kim 2011 NPA Pro Champ; Amy Beach w/NPA Prez Silas









Cedric Perry, Darryl Murphy, Jerry Garner, Danny Wright

Margaretta Watkins; NPA Pro Figure Athlete

Dena Banks, Margaretta Watkins, Amy Morris

Dena Banks

Shirley Minter-Smith 2012 NPA Pro Champion

Amy Morris, Dena Banks, Margaretta Watkins

Randy Batts, Shirley D. Minter Smith, Sonja Ngaia, Harry Silas

Darryl Murphy NPA Pro Bodybuilder

Jerry Garner; NPA Pro Bodybuilder

Dena Bank NPA Pro Figure Champion