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The 2007 NPA Tri-Cities Standouts , Hopewell ,Virginia, 1 December 2007

Joanne Briggs/Overall Figure/ SGM Gregory Kerr/Mr. Tri-Cities/Ms. Barbara Franklin/3rd place finalist

Ms. Joanne Briggs 2007 Figure Tri-Cities SGM Gregory Kerr 2007 Tri-Cities Ms. Barbara Franklin (60 years old)

Tracey Sutton/Runner up tall Class/Peggy Hayes/ Short class Champ/ Brenda White/Ms. Tri-Cities

Tracey Sutton Ms. Peggy Hayes Ms. 2007 Tri-Cities Brenda White

Results: The 2007 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional” Bodybuilding
Fitness/Figure Championships
1 December 2007
Hopewell High School, Hopewell, VA 23860
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

Masters (40-49): Jay “Byrd” Bryant, Washington, DC
Masters (35-39):  Gregory Kerr, Ft. Meade, MD
Overall Masters Champion:  Gregory Kerr

                              Novice Heavyweight: Darryl Thomas, Montpelier, VA
                                      Overall Novice Champion:  Darryl Thomas 

Figure: 5’5” (under): Peggy Hayes, Fredericksburg, VA
Figure: 5’5”(+):  Joanne Briggs, Stafford, VA
Overall Figure Champion: Joanne Briggs

                               Fitness: Jody Hall, Salibury, NC  

Female Masters (40+):  Brenda White, Rockville, MD
Female Masters (35-39):  Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Brenda White

Female Lightweight Champion:  Shannon Chisholm, Asheville, NC
Female Middleweight Champion:  Karen Romer, Midlothian, VA
Female Heavyweight Champion:  Brenda White, Rockville, MD
Overall Female Champion: Brenda White
Best Female Poser:  Brenda White

Male Lightweight Champion:  Ryan Martucci, Nanjemoy, MD
Male Middleweight Champion:  Gregory Kerr, Ft. Meade, MD
Male Heavyweight Champion:  Eric Cressman, Chester, VA                                 
Overall Male Champion: Gregory Kerr
Best Male Poser:  Gregory Kerr

Congratulations go out to these 2007 National qualified champions!

 Other Participants were:  Barbara Franklin, Tracey Sutton, Tracy Riggs, Ana Cristina Dantas, Tammy Courtney and Jody Hall.

The inside scope of the 2007 NPA Tri-Cities “Regional”  Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

December 1, 2007 the NPA last show of the season was a real house rocker. There were only seventeen (17) athletes and some crossovers made the show appear a little bit larger.  The Hopewell “fully accredited” High School provided a beautiful venue with men and women dressing rooms and a huge stage with excellent lighting.  The show was much better than last year’s showing and turned out to be a successful show.  The athletes were in good condition and entertained their fans, friends and families of approximately (250+) spectators. No walk-ins, I’m happen to report.

The show was live-judged aka one session and the Masters men (40-49) started things off. Darryl Thomas, Montpelier, Virginia and Jay Bryant, Washington DC, was the participants.  Jay received unanimous first place votes and easily won the division.  In the (35-39) division there were two; SGM Gregory Kerr from Ft. Meade Maryland and Eric Cressman an UPS driver from Chester, Virginia.  Eric enjoyed his first outing and it’s not bad when you can make a debut and be rewarded for such. Gregory Kerr is a serious contender and I predict will earn a NPA Pro card shortly if he pursues it. Kerr easily won the division and overall Masters Title.

Next, the Novice class in which Darryl Thomas and Eric Cressman both took advantage of. Darryl the veteran of the two and both being Novice heavyweights (175+) won the class and the overall Novice title. First overall win for Darryl.  Congratulations go out to him!

The beauties (figure athletes) were next. In all the years this contest has existed, these women collectively were some of the best it’s ever seen.  Eight figure athletes made the division and there were 4 short and 4 tall.  In the short class and placing 4th was newcomer Tracy Riggs, Midlothian, Virginia. I spoke to the judges and reviewed the photos and Tracy wasn’t dark enough as well as her preparation could have been longer. She’ll receive valuable experience from this outing. Third place went to 60 year old Barbara Franklin of Fredericksburg, Virginia who is gorgeous. Barbara finished in the top three and gave a very good account of herself.  Second place belonged to Tracey Sutton, Springfield, Virginia who was ready for this competition.  She was in very good condition and provided a great account of herself.  The winner of the class Peggy Hayes, Fredericksburg, Virginia has a great body and I personally feel from looking at the pictures that she is a bodybuilder.  She really wouldn’t have any problems if she competed as one.  Two of the judges agreed with me; however 5 of them did not!

In the women tall and placing fourth was crossover into fitness, Jody Hall, Salisbury, North Carolina.  Jody looked good but somebody has to take 4th.  She did receive one 3rd place vote in round one and three in round two.  Third place was the beautiful Tammy Courtney, Fredericksburg who got a mixture of votes ranging from 2nd to 4th.  Second place went the lovely Ana Cristina Dantas, Abingdon, Maryland.  Ana could have been a little darker, she has the package. The winner Joanne Briggs, Fredericksburg, Virginia presented a great package but not in the eyes of all the judges.  I think Joanne has a great physique and will do well at the National/Pro level when and if she decides too.  When Peggy and Joanne came together for the overall and they were let lose to strut their stuff, Peggy started posing what looked to be a double bicep as a bodybuilder which gave her away. There are no muscle poses in figure!  Even though it was not unanimous, Joanne won the overall title.

In the masters (40+) women there were two, Karen Romer, Midlothian, Virginia and Brenda White, Rockville, Maryland. Karen gave a great account of herself. She really enjoys competition.  I first met her in Heidelberg, Germany back in the early 90’s.  Brenda after accepting the fact that the use of Pam is a no-go, she got down to the business at hand and defeated Romer, moving her up to challenge the Masters (35-39) winner Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, North Carolina. In the overall challenge Brenda capture the Masters overall title.

In the women open, pretty much the same fate, except there was lightweight Shannon Chisolm, Asheville, North Carolina winning the lightweight class, uncontested and Karen won the middleweight class the same way. In the heavyweight there were two and Brenda defeated Veronica again and went on to win the women Overall title and best female poser of the contest award.

In the open men division lightweight from Nanejmoy, Maryland a very muscular athlete named Ryan Martucci went uncontested. In the middleweight there were SGM Gregory Kerr, Darryl Thomas and Jay Bryant going at it. Kerr came out on top and Eric Cressman went uncontested in the heavyweight class. When the posedown went down and all the smoke cleared SGM Gregory Kerr would be the 2007 NPA Tri-Cities champion and best male poser in the contest.

The show was well represented and supported by the fans, families and friends. As in the pass they came from Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia to name a few.  Also special recognition go out to Jody Hall who represented our first fitness athlete ever. Needless to say she won the division and went uncontested.  She did a real fine job and added flare to the show. We’d also like to acknowledge our top female Pro athlete Lesa McCoy and our top male Pro athlete Doug Hailey for their fine performances as guest posers. They did a fantastic job! Both were second to none and will be honored at the 2nd annual NPA banquet 12/2/07.

 Special thanks go out to: Head Judge, Stephan Kitchen, Judges: Sherrie Broome’, Daniel Q. Wright, Mary Anna George, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, Toni Johnson, JW Hicks, Troy Crawley, Chief Secretary, Arlessa Gray, Statistician, Narva Daniels, Soundman, Nikita Silas, Expediter, Vernell Silas, Contest Administrators Michael Stewart and Rodney Barnes, Treasurer, YeSok Silas, NPA Committee member, Rochelle Silas, Helen Hicks, Betty Ware, Joe the Custodian and the Hopewell High School administration./Harry E. Silas

Pictures can be viewed on
links/photoflex/NPA 2007 Tri-Cities “Regional”