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The 2008 Mr./ Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure Championships
5 April 2008 at Virginia State University

Harry E. Silas
Ryan Martucci 2008 Mr. Virginia
Gloria Knight-McNeil                                                                                                      Master 40+ Ms Virginia (2008)
                                                                                                                                                        Debbie Frazee                                                                Runner -Up  The Lovely Robyn Goodpasture

President Harry E. Sias, 2008 Mr. Virginia Ryan Martucci, NPA Pro bodybuilder Gloria Knight-McNeil

Mr. / Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships
5 April 2008
VSU, Virginia Hall, Petersburg 23806
Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Teenage (13-19): Jonas McGaha, Standardsville, VA

 Novice Lightweight: Leon Crawley III, Petersburg, VA
Novice Heavyweight: Michael Flood, Hillsborough, NC
Overall Novice Champion: Leon Crawley III 

Masters (50+):  Davis Ainsley, Midlothian, VA
Masters (40-49):  Michael Flood, Hillsborough, NC
Overall Masters Champion:  Michael Flood 

 Figure: 5’5” (under): Robyn Goodpasture, Roanoke, VA
Figure: 5’5”(+):  Bridgette M. Gordon, Washington DC
Overall Figure Champion: Bridgette M. Gordon 

 Female Masters (40+):  Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC
Female Masters (35-39):  Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Veronica Paylor

    Female Lightweight Champion:  Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC
                             Female Middleweight Champion: Karen Romer, Midlothian, VA
                             Female Heavyweight Champion:  Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC
                                      Overall Female Champion: Veronica Paylor
                                                  Best Female Poser:  Veronica Paylor

                                     Couples Champions: Veronica Paylor & Scott Wesley
verall Couples Champions: Veronica Paylor & Scott Wesley                 

                                Male Lightweight Champion:  Scott Wesley, Roxboro, NC
                             Male Middleweight Champion:  Ryan Martucci, Nanjemoy, MD
                         Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Michael Flood, Hillsborough, NC
                                        Overall Male Champion: Ryan Martucci
                                                   Best Male Poser:  Ryan Martucci

                        Congratulations go out to these 2008 National qualified champions!
Other Participants were:  Dennis Brandon, Brandi Samuels, Lee Gunn, Nicholas Svetahor, Audrey Jones, Ginseng Du Jour, Shelby Temple, Diana Chamberlain, Christy Simmons and Justin Childress.


The inside scope of the 2008 NPA Virginia State Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships :   April 5, 2008 the NPA opened its season with the Mr. /Ms. Virginia Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships. This contest in its 9th year was held at Virginia State University’s Virginia Hall in its (state of the art) Anderson – Turner auditorium for a third consecutive year.  It was one off from last year’s depth, but overall it was a successful show.  Twenty one good conditioned athletes entertained their fans, friends and families with approximately (350+) in the audience commendably.  Two walk-ins this year and they were just nervous, not sure, first timers.

The teenage division opened the show with Jonas McGaha from Standardsville, Virginia who was tall young and appeared to be confident over his competition Brandon Dennis who was a walk-on. If Dennis had prepared a bit better he may have had a chance against McGaha.  Dennis will only get better and sooner or later will be formidable.  In the men novice which are athletes that never won an overall title in a sanctioned contest in any federation before tonight,  Leon Crawley III, Petersburg, VA won the lightweight class (under 175) defeating 6th place Lee Gunn, Timberlake, NC, 5th place Justin Childress, Gretna, VA, 4th place, teenage champ Jonas McGaha, 3rd place Ginseng Du Jour, Charlottesville, VA,  and 2nd place Scott Wesley, Roxboro, NC. In the heavyweight class North Carolina Michael Flood was the only competitor, uncontested, and earned an easy win.  When Crawley and Flood went against each other for the Overall Novice title, Crawley got the nod unanimously over Flood who was in great shape but out gunned by a better athlete.  Crawley first contest and win left him very pleased to earn the victory.  In the end he gave credit where credit was due, his trainer Calvin McIntyre.  

The men masters started with the 50+ division, Nicholas Svetahor, Gloucester, VA who took a year off and came in pretty good condition.  Davis Ainsley, Midlothian VA was also in pretty good condition as he usually is. He won the class.   In the (40-49) division:  Michael Flood, Hillsborough, North Carolina advanced over 2nd place Lee Gunn, Timberlake, to compete against  Ainsley for the masters  men overall title. Flood squeaked by Ainsley on an one point difference to win the decision. There were no (35-39) athletes in the division this year.    Sorry to report no fitness competitors showed up for a third year in a row. Again the judges were ready for the challenge. 

What fitness lacked, figure made up. There were 7 beautiful young ladies.  In the under 5’5” class:   Robyn Goodpasture  from Roanoke, VA led the charge over  4th place Audrey Jones, Fredericksburg VA, 3rd place Shelby Temple, Mebane NC who probably would of faired better as a bodybuilder , and  2nd place finisher Diana Chamberlain of Fredericksburg, VA.   In the over 5’5’ class:  3rd place was claimed by Brandi Samuels , Richmond VA , 2nd place was Christy Simmons who came in as a brunette instead of her traditional blond look and winning the class was Washington DCs; Ms. Bridgette M. Gordon.  When all was said and done, Goodpasture and Gordon met for the Overall figure title.  Gordon was a unanimous winner over Goodpasture even though one of the judges felt she deserved the decision.  They both did a very fine job and entertained the audience with grace and elegance.

The bodybuilding Masters’ women would be next.  Debbie Frazee of Durham, North Carolina and Karen Romer, Midlothian, VA were the two 40+ female athletes.  Debbie won the division unanimously over Romer. In the (35-39) newcomer and Ms. Masters Tri-Cities; Veronica Paylor, Roxboro NC represented the division and won it uncontested.  She went onto meet Frazee later for the overall challenge.  Even though Paylor was head and shoulders above her Tri-Cities appearance the judges didn’t think it should have been an unanimous decision as Frazee received two first place votes.   Paylor also won female best poser.

There was one couples team that represented the division; Veronica Paylor, and Scott Wesley, both from Roxboro, NC.  They went uncontested and if competition had been present, it would have been an interesting night for the couple. However, we’ll never know.

   The men open lightweight class started with Davis Ainsley placing 2nd and the winner of the class was  Scott Wesley, who receive 7 first place votes from the panel of seven.   In the men middleweight ,3rd place went to Nicholas Svetahor, 2nd place went to Leon Crawley III and your winner of the class was Ryan Martucci, NanJemoy MD.  In the light heavyweight the winner and uncontested was Michael Flood. When the three athletes met to represent their classes Ryan Martucci was crowned the 9th Mr. NPA Virginia. He was in great conditioned and presented the most muscle of any athlete in this show.  Ryan also competed in the Mr. Tri-Cities and look a lot better in this show than he look in December.  He also won male best poser which was a three way tie.  

The audience of about 350 + spectators enjoyed the show. The NPA would like to take the time to thank all the athletes, fans, families and friends that made the show possible. The officials lead by Head Judge Daniel Wright, Randy “Big Arms” Batts, expediter, Troy Crawley, music guru, Arlessa Gray, statistician,  Stephan Kitchen, Mary Anna George, Sherrie Broome’, Toni Johnson, Valerie Foster, Rodney Barnes, JW Hicks, Cheree Worley, Bailey Driskoll, Hugh Hannah, Yourdonus James, Michael Stewart, test judge Tami Pager, and anybody else we fail to mention.  Until next year 2009 the NPA signs off. /NPA President, Harry E. Silas

Photos can be reviewed at, photoreflex, 2008 NPA Virginia State Championships.

Brigette Gordon, 2008 Ms. Virginia Figure Veronica Paylor

 Brigette Gordon
2008 Ms. Virginia Figure                                                              Veronica  Paylor
                                                                                                      Ms. Virginia (2008)

                                          Brigette Gordon and Robyn Goodpasture displays  Championship form!