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                                               Results: The 2008 Si-Flex Fall Classic Bodybuilding
                                                            Fitness/Figure Championships
                                                                    Amateur Division
                                                                   29 November 2008
                                                   Paramount, Theater, Burlington, NC 27215
                                                         Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.


Teenage (13-19): Jaleen, Washington, Fayetteville, NC

Novice Heavyweight: Jeff Huggins, Burlington, NC
Overall Novice Champion: Jeff Huggins

Masters (40-49):  Joseph Bumbrey, Winston-Salem, NC
Masters (35-39):  Tim Rose, Rocky Mount, NC
Overall Masters Champion: Tim Rose

Figure: 5’5” (under): Catherine Temple, Gibsonville, NC
Figure: 5’5” (+):  Laura Golding, Apex, NC
Overall Figure Champion: Catherine Temple

Male Middleweight Champion:  Yohance Fleming, Newport News, VA
Male Lt. Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Huggins, Burlington, NC
Male Heavyweight Champion:  Kurt Colclough, Greensboro, NC 
 Overall Male Champion: Yohance Fleming
 Best Male Poser:  Jaleen Washington, Fayetteville, NC

Congratulations go out to these 2008 State qualified champions!
 Other Participants were:  Joseph Bumbrey and Jerry Martin
================================================================================================================================================                 Women

Results: The 2008 Si-Flex Pro Classic Bodybuilding
                      Professional Division
                        29 November 2008
        Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC 27215
          Sponsor:  Si-Flex Physique Club Inc.

 Pro Division 
    1.   Lesa Mc Coy, Virginia Beach, VA - $750
2.   Gloria Knight-McNeil, Bahama, NC - $350
3.   Teresa Davis, Midlothian, VA - $300
4.    Veronica Paylor, Roxboro, NC- $275
5.      Debbie Frazee, Durham, NC - $250
6.      Eliza McWilliams, Chesapeake,VA -NP   

                Men Pro Division
  1.      Jerry Garner, Mebane, NC - $750
2.      Thurman Campbell, Snow Hill, NC - $350
3.      Bobby Boyd, Graham, NC - $300
4.      Tim Clanton, Chester, VA - $275
5.      Tim Sinz, Nottingham, MD - $250
6.      Doug Hailey, Newport News, VA- NP
7.      Carl Frady III, Newport News, VA – NP
8.      Charlie Moss, Portland, ME-NP 

 Congratulations go out to these Natural Physique Association Professional athletes. Until next year all whom status
is: indefinite status, begin your preparation now for next year. On any given day one of you NPA Pro athletes can wear
the number 1, which is a lonely number!
To be honored at our January 17, 2009 3rd annual Banquet is all of our achievers
especially Lesa McCoy and Jerry Garner as NPA Male/Female Pro athletes of the year.  The event is reserved for
50 spectators to include awardees.  Invitations will go out by mid December. If you are interested contact:
NPA President, Harry E. Silas at  Fee is $35 per person, food, dance, and music. We gonna
have a ball.

Jaleen Washington Catherine Temple & Laura Golding Eliza McWilliams, Lesa McCoy, Debbie Frazee, Teresa Davis, Gloria Knight-McNeil, Veronica Paylor


     Highlights from the contest:
  2008 Fall Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure

          29 November 2008/Saturday
  Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC 27215

This year’s NPA Fall Classic was small but still packed a punch. The show was designed to assist
the Pro show. It is also a very good show for those who have never won or feel they are ready to
take their first test.  The NPA team arrived at the Paramount Theater 8:30 am to meet Lynn Grose.

the advance party began to unload and start setting up the venue.  Danny Wright who
lost his mother last week organized his team and under the direction of NPA’s President Harry Silas
sat the registration area up.  At 9:30 when the first athlete showed up the team was ready to go. Pro
bodybuilder Eliza McWilliams was the first athlete to arrive for her drug screening/oath.  Once we
started it was busy til noon.  Wright then conducted his athlete’s briefing and went over the
formality of the show, released the athletes, staff and the officials were treated to lunch.

Everyone returned as instructed at 5:30 pm to find 200(+) fans and athletes waiting. The show was
scheduled to start at 6pm. People were in their seats, the athletes were ready to go as well. The
amateur athletes opened up the show with teenage sensation Jaleen Washington from Fayetteville,
NC. He looked even better this time than he did when he placed second in the GK Classic back in
August.  In the men masters (40-49) only Joseph Bumbrey, Winston-Salem, NC came out this year.
It didn’t seem to bother Joe, who still needs to shed 15-20 lbs before he can think about winning
this title against competition.  In the (35-39) hardcore Tim Rose of Rocky Mount, NC also went
uncontested.  When the two met for the overall title, Rose was the clear cut winner.  After such a
fine start the two figure athletes added to the program, one being under 5’5” tall and the other
being above. Both Catherine Temple from Gibsonville, NC and Laura Golding won their classes.
When the two met for the overall title Catherine (short class) was awarded the overall trophy and
title.  The novice class bought out 3 heavyweights; 3rd place Kurt Colclough, who still needs to
lose 10 -15 lbs, 2nd place Tim Rose, who has a lot of potential and winner Jeff Huggins, who in
time will be a force to recon with.  Because there were no lightweights to vie against, Huggins was
also awarded the overall novice title as well.  The men open middleweight class featured four
athletes, two which had crossed over. Fourth place finisher, Joseph Bumbrey, 3rd place, Tim Rose,
2nd place Jerry Martin, Winston-Salem, NC and middleweight winner Yohance Fleming, Newport
News Virginia.  Jeff Huggins went uncontested in the men Lt. Heavyweight class and so did Kurt
Colclough in the heavyweight class.  When the three met for the overall title, Yohance with a
perfect score of 5 was the winner and earned the title of Mr. Fall Classic 2008.  Jaleen Washington
earned the male best posers award.

I’d like to thank Head Judge Daniel Wright, and his panel judges and officials; Narva Daniels, Arlessa
Gray, Toni Johnson, Rodney Barnes, Stephan Kitchen, Tami Prager and JW Hicks for their hard work
and dedication. Also special thanks go out to Rochelle Silas, Michael Stewart, Toy Crawley, Robert
Thomas, Ron Smock - McCarthy, Dave Russell, Mary Anna George, LaToynia Ransom-Harvey, Lynn
Grose, Dave Wright and the Paramount theater. Until next time “keep on Pumpin”./ Harry E. Silas/
NPA President       


Tim Clanton, Tim Sinz, Jerry Garner, Thurman Campbell, Bobby Boyd Veronica Paylor, Gloria Knight-McNeil, Lesa McCoy, Teresa Davis, Debbie Frazee Tim Clanton, Jerry Garner, Thurman Campbell


           Highlights from the contest:
     2008 Pro Classic Bodybuilding Championships
                  29 November 2008/Saturday
      Paramount Theater, Burlington, NC 27215

After a brief intermission to score and tally up the amateur scores it was time to give the people
what they came to see. Because we didn’t have any female bodybuilders in the amateurs, it was a
real treat to start with the Pros. Boom it was on as the six top NPA female athletes hit the stage.
These women came to win. They all were on and ready to win. The judges were mixed about who they
wanted to be where. However the returning champion Lesa McCoy was phenomenal and was not
going to be beat by any athlete today in the NPA. Her routine, her presentation, her coloring, her suite, her
presence, her shape, was all working for her. She electrified the theater and received a perfect score by all the
judges. This was Lesa’s best performance thus far and she’s 51 years young. Congratulations go out to Lesa who
will receive NPA’s Top Female Pro athlete of the year award on January 17, 2009 at the NPA rescheduled banquet.
2nd place finisher Gloria Knight-McNeil still has the most muscle of all the top female NPA Pro athletes. Her
conditioning is her only hold back. If she masters that in the off season she has what it takes to win. 3rd place
newcomer Teresa Davis is another good looking athlete that could win this title. However her symmetry needs
to continuously improve as well as a busy off season. 4th place finisher Veronica Paylor is certainly the biggest
woman in the division, maybe second to only Eleanor McBride who didn’t compete this year, serves a future
threat and she still has youth on her side. 5th place finisher Debbie Frazee bought everything she could possibly
bring weighing in (even though the pros don’t weigh In) at 95 pounds. She still has one of the best mid sections in
the NPA. Finally not placing and her first year competing as a NPA pro athlete, Eliza McWilliams who had to feel
pretty torn up. She absolute is a force to be recon with however she was too smooth and more conditioning will
fix her short coming.  She’ll have to watch her diet and dig down deep now and see if she really has what it takes
to mount a strong comeback! She’ll have to be strong! It’s easy to quit!

Needless to say the audience was in a tremendous uproar and the ladies who attended the show was about to
receive the treat of their lives. Eight hunks in their best forms bought it. When they walked out on stage the roof
appeared to explode. You could hear the cheers, yells, screams, cries of the fans, families, and friends support their
favorites. This was the best line up that I witnessed in the Natural ranks thus far. The judges were going to have
their work cut out for them. They really did as the mean score of the panel was 55%.

One athlete as the event went on began to run away. He was cramping real bad at times. He almost thought he
was not going to be able to finish, which would have disqualified him from the competition. Only his family kept
him in the hunt. After 10 minutes of hard posing, he pulled away to earn 1st place by each seated judge.  Contestant
76, Jerry Garner work was complete as he could now let the field fight for 2nd place and below.  2nd place finisher,
Thurman Campbell back reminded me of former and shared record holder Lee Haney. Even Lee never did a front
split from a standing position. When Thurman spread his back the room actually got dark. Even with the talent to
pose and wide back and small waste line there was only a one point difference between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.
Not all the judges like Thurman as one placed him 6th. Make no mistake about it he can win this title if one sleeps
on him. 3rd place was grabbed by Bobby Boyd, who actually received more 4th place votes than he did 3rd.  When
consulting with a few of the judges it was concluded that his routine was very good and help him. Bobby is a
champion and can also win this title. He must not be taken lightly. 4th place was earned by a very good Timothy
Clanton who conditioning was super. He still needs to tweak his routine and once he understands how to make that
great physique work for him he’ll place a lot higher than 4th. He is the man that had a great amateur year at the
National level. 5th place went to firefighter Big Tim Sinz who has improved and improved every time he’s come out
on stage. Tim did receive two 2nd place votes. Competition was so intense this year the 5Xs reigning champion
Doug Hailey was dominated like he has never been before. Doug has been a great champion and he’s not use to
not being in the money. I felt bad for the champ but I think we’ve got his attention. 2009 is going to be the
comeback year! Doug knows though that the big men are now getting better and his comeback is going to be
real tough. 7th place this year went to Carl Frady III who did absolutely look better than ever. He is the future; Carl
is one of our young lions who still is maturing with his muscle. Finally, Charlie Moss who I felt and have the greatest
amount of respect for according to the judges has his work really cut out for him. Charlie is one of the older pros.
However, he still has a lot of muscle and his routines are getting better each performance. I think he’ll have to stay
in shape all year and target becoming shredded 12 weeks from the next pro show. He too has always been in the
money!  On 17 January 2009, we are planning a banquet where we honor several of our NPA athletes. Charlie is
certainly one of our favorites.

This was one of the best performances that we’ve staged today. I was mesmerized by the performance of our NPA
Pro athletes. They made me realize how much work we have accomplished and how far we have come. I am so
proud of all of our Pro athletes that showed up in condition and entertained the audience of 300+. Please make
your reservations for our January 17, 2009 banquet. Photos can be viewed by
Links, Photo Reflect, Fall/Pro Classic./Harry E. Silas